Being Mindful Day!

Dennis, my husband got hold of my shorts last Sunday and it fit him!!! It was even a little big for him! OMG I even have to do “stomach- in and stop breathing” to button that shorts!

So, today, Monday, I decided to be more mindful of exercise and physical fitness.

First thing I did at work was to roll my chair away and make use of my customized standing desk. Two boxes were put together and I covered it with quotation images so it’ll look pretty.

Second, I thought of “walking-before-eating” at lunch time. Well, I had to do some fighting over it because I was hungry already but decided to give in to walking instead.

To keep me entertained while walking, I’ve taken photos of everyday Santa Fe to share with you all! 

This is heart of downtown Santa Fe for nearly 400 years. The Santa Fe Plaza.

The Plaza or "city-square" is still where tourists gather to relax and enjoy music, art, dance, jewelry offered by Spanish, Native American and Mexican cultures. 

It's lunchtime so you'll see a lot lining up for $5.00 chicken or beef fajitas.

The mother church of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, St. Francis Cathedral is also located in the area. I love this church!

There are many historic monuments, restaurants, businesses and art galleries surrounding the plaza. 

I was scared the lady might shoo me off, so I went pass her and took photos of what she was selling.

See the yellow cab? It's like tricycle in the Philippines. Only for tourists here!

Every time I'll walk at this space I couldn't help but sing "Through the narrow streets of Paris..."

This is The Lensic, Santa Fe's Performing Art Center. Mymy's class in Grade 8 used this place during their band performance at the end of the school year. 

Inside it felt like you've just stepped into a world of old movies and vaudeville entertainment!... and ghosts maybe? Lol.

.. and see the open bus? all for tourists' entertainment too!

Sometimes I feel I need to start running at lunchtime like these two. But, maybe not yet.

I survived my 15 minutes walk! Now I can take my lunch. Yey!

Sometimes it takes conscious effort and mindfulness to appreciate God’s blessings. 

Three things I am grateful for today. 

First, I thank God for the ability to stand at work although my chair is inviting me to sit.

Second, I thank Dennis for wearing my shorts and for making me realize I need to start taking care of myself! Gotta lose some weight!!!

Lastly, Santa Fe, NM is a beautiful place and I thank God for bringing me here to work and celebrate life!

What are you grateful for today?


Home Remodeling!

There are a number of benefits to remodeling a home, but perhaps the most obvious is the breath of fresh air it can bring. IF you've been in your home for a while, you may be tiring of the same look and feel day in and day out. On the other hand, if you're considering selling your home, a remodel can greatly improve the value of a home.

One of the best returns on investment for a remodel is a new paint job. It doesn't cost much for the supplies, but the appearance of a fresh coat of paint can greatly improve the curb appeal of a home. Remember that perception drives the reality, so improving the exterior look of your home can drive up the price you can ask.

On the other hand, a kitchen remodel can have the most effect on a home. A new kitchen is one of the main elements homeowners look for; by updating your kitchen with a fresh paint job, new cabinets, and modern appliances, you can offer a compelling reason for potential buyers to purchase. Real estate experts say that outdated kitchens are one of the primary reasons buyers pass on purchasing a home.

If a home only has one bathroom, adding in a secondary bathroom or even a half-bath can have a great effect. Homes with only one bathroom are much more difficult to sell, as most homebuyers are young families looking for their first house. As a result, they often need more counterpace and bathrooms. On the flipside, homes with an abnormal number of bathrooms may suffer for poor use of space.

Outside of remodeling the inside of a home, the yard also has a huge effect on how a buyer perceives a property. By cleaning up the yard, putting in retainers around flowerbeds, and adding small elements to increase the look and feel of the home, you can greatly improve its value.
Home remodeling is an expensive but worthwhile investment. 

To find out more, check the free remodeling quotes here. A small investment can turn into a major return.

Reflect On This Project- Day 30/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 30: Reflect On This Project
Take out your journal or power-up your computer! Below are some questions that are designed to help you reflect on this project and how it has helped you over the past 30 days, plus how it will help you going forward during the rest of the year. 

Remember the quote "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"? 

Well, I do not know what it really means to me until now. Silly me!

But now I know and I loveeeee it! Thank you God for making things simple yet so beautiful. Thank you for the gift of life and infinite possibilities and even if our future is not promised, thank you for TODAY. 

You can answer any of the questions below, or you can just journal and reflect in your own way!

  1. What are 5 words that describe how this project has helped you?
  2. What have you learned about yourself through this project?
  3. What are your biggest takeaways from this experience?
  4. How has this project helped you move closer to your dreams?
  5. How have you changed over the past 30 days?
  6. How will this year be different than last year?
  7. What was your favorite activity and why?
  8. Will you use any of the activities you’ve practiced during the rest of the year? If so, which ones?
  9. Has participating in this project challenged you to face your fears?
  10. What’s the biggest realization you’ve had during the past 30 days?
  11. How will you continue with your own daily spiritual practice?


What Your Future Self Wants You To Know - Day 29/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 29: What Your Future Self Wants You To Know
This is another “act as if” activity. Picking up from yesterday’s activity, imagine your life 5 years in the future… imagine all you’ve learned, all you’ve experienced, and all the changes that have taken place. You are older, wiser, happier, and more at peace. From this perspective, write down at least 5 things your future self wants to tell your present day self to offer encouragement, wisdom, love and insight.

The future is promised to no one. Go for it!

For example:

  1. Spend more time with your family.
  2. Cherish your friendships that matter most.
  3. Save more money (or spend more money).
  4. Work harder or smarter or maybe don’t work so hard.
  5. Be more forgiving of yourself and others.
  6. Don’t take thinks so seriously, lighten up, have fun.


Write A "Whoohoo!" Letter From Your Future Self- Day 28/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 28: Write A "Whoohoo!" Letter From Your Future Self
Write a letter from your future-self 5 years from now to you, today. Tell yourself about your recent successes, the dreams of yours that have come true, what you did to achieve them, how your life looks right now, and so on. Be sure to write this as if all your current dreams have been reached. If you have a deeper understanding about life, a greater sense of peace and happiness, a clearer vision of what’s important to you, be sure to include that as well!

I want my future self to smile. Today, I am ready to pay the price.

  Here are some examples of things you might include in your letter:

  1. What does your life look like now?
  2. What’s the most unexpected change?
  3. What impact has your success had on your friends and family?
  4. What are your new dreams for the future?

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