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The cursed HOW

In my blog post “Powerful Thoughts”, I have written how powerful our mind is and whatever we create in our minds, if we believe, it will achieve!

Honestly, I did not have any idea as to HOW it will happen – (flashback, my solution for our family to be together and not have my husband work as an OFW anymore was to migrate).  HOW? that was the question!
All I have was a belief that it will happen, 

and for me to mentally picture what I want to happen,
I have posted dollar bills, 
talk incessantly about going to America someday, 
kept a dollar in my wallet just to attract it…

      What else? I went to DFA in Lucena to get our passports! 
That was how determined I was!


My aunt asked me “where are you going Gi?”, 
 I told her to DFA, to get our passports. She asked, “Why?” 
I said, because, 
“We’ll be traveling someday?” and just smiled.

What else? I went to SM Lucena to buy my luggage! 

This was like going overboard really!!! LOL!

But all the while, I kept everything to myself. Even my parents didn't know about it! 

What I remember was always (some of you know how persistent I can be, LOL!) asking my mother, “Mommy, what if I also go to USA, everyone seems to want to go there..” and she’d reply “You may try, but I’m telling you, not everyone is destined to go there.”

After like, a week, I’d ask again, “Mommy, what if I go to the USA, everyone seems to want to go there...” and she’d reply the same thing! Lol! That was how persistent I was!!! LOL!


Maybe because my mind was really into it, and maybe because it was really meant to be?, but everyone I met and all my circumstances seemed to lead me towards what I want!

A good friend bugged me to apply online! I was not sure if I was qualified but because she was so persistent, I did!

Then I've had this conversation with a former classmate based in the US already, I told her, “You know, I also want to go there! How will I do it?” she replied, “C’mon, Gemma, you shouldn’t ask me that, for sure 
YOU know what to do!”

And it just hit me! I KNOW WHAT TO DO? But I don’t! or maybe I do?

Even my husband persisted that I do something new! As submissive as I am, LOL! I enrolled in MA in Information Technology and that changed my life!

I just felt so happy to be back to school again and learning new stuffs, that I declared

“I have just opened the doors, windows, ceiling and walls 
to an opportunity created JUST FOR ME!”

Two weeks after that, the phone call came (from the agency I applied online, that I’ve forgotten already) telling me I will be interviewed. Two months later, I was on my way to the airport, YES, with my passport and my newly bought luggage!

Was it magic? Was it a miracle? Was it meant to be? Was it my doing? Was it planned? Was I able to attract it?

How did it happen???

You, tell me! 

But one thing is for sure. It’s all GOD.

Keep on believing everyone! :)

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-day 26-

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