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Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Gemma, a person in her sacred quest.... nice intro huh?

Writing is my outlet! I've been doing this since Grade 4. When I’ve written what I have in mind, I would sleep really well and move on.  So, it’s really like a therapy to me! 

I love writing, I love the process of unfolding, unraveling, cocooning as I put the exact words in my piece... Kind of like a puzzle... Almost there, but not quite... yet!

I know I am involved in the process of becoming as I continue to write, as I continue to grow, and learn.

I am still challenging myself to BE more, DO more and make my dreams come true for myself and for my family. 

My mission is to continuously inspire, encourage and motivate myself and hopefully – you! (if by chance you read this) to just get out of our shells and be, do and have more in life. 

To BE MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE because we deserve it, because it’s about time we claim our birthright and because it is our gift to God.

I look forward to all of us achieving our grandest desires for ourselves and for our loved ones. 

Yes, you may also check me out at Gem's Daily Treasures where I talk about inspirations, healing, and free money!

I also have another blog entitled Pinoy Teacher's Stories where I talk about my adventures as a Filipino teacher (former) in the USA.

Please feel free to contact me at for any comments, suggestions, topic ideas, guest post or advertising opportunities.

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