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How Do We Create The Capacity to Receive God's Blessings

Everyday while standing at work, I'd see this random quotation I copied online, printed and posted on my wall. 

Yes, I am standing at work, it makes me alive and kicking! Lol.
"Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.
by Radindranath Tagore

It says everything... meaning all our heart's desires??? but it also says that belongs to us??? what belongs to us?, are we limited to what we can have??? if, this is the big BIG word, IF, if we create the capacity to receive it.... 

woah.. so how do we create the capacity to receive what belongs to us.. everything that belongs to us???
This is interesting.

So I did some soul searching and remembered...

There was this one time when I was in a business opportunity meeting and was just amazed by how this young man can receive enormous amounts of income monthly while doing what he loves!

He jumped, took the risks, believed in what he was about to embark on and went for it. He just did what he was coached to do... and now he's reaping a lot!

Was it just pure luck or has he created capacity to allow God's abundance to enter his life?

I was assessing my life  er 'daydreaming' while listening to his stories and here was what I saw.

I saw an ocean of abundance and blessings from God (blue waves).

I also saw a great wall (brown wall).

I know, it was my mind who created the great wall of limited beliefs, belief in lack, negative views and world of cannot haves. 

The awesome thing was in my own journey with life, I was able to break through some of that and created this tiny hole... or you know what?! not created, maybe that hole was there the whole time! This is getting exciting!

Let me repeat, the awesome thing is in my journey with life, I now see the hole! I get to focus on my hole! I have become aware there is a hole - despite of my beliefs! 

The hole... where the ocean of blessings and abundance are coming through and filling my life with joy and gladness. These, I know, are small dreams coming true, goals achieved and expectations met!

If I want more... then I need to create a bigger passage where God's blessings and abundance will rush, gush, surge, and explode!

I need to break my wall of negativity and allow the blessings of God to rush in!!! 

(Or you know what, even with that small hole, if my mind capacity is as small as a cup then it is what it is... but If I bring in the largest container to fill in blessings and abundance then I'll receive more... mmmm it could be seen at that perspective too, right let me explore on this next time...)

I believe, it will take a lot of changing from the inside than from the outside. It will take my heart to make it happen.

The flow will continue on, no matter what. God is generous and continues to give.. no matter what! (Look at the birds in the sky...)

Free will... if I chose not, then nothing will change. If I am satisfied with the little flow then that is OK too!

BUT if I create a bigger capacity... then that is another story.

I think we will receive everything that our minds and hearts are ready for. When we are certain and we claim it, then it already belongs to us 100%! 
"Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.
by Radindranath Tagore
I think it is for a purpose why I randomly picked, printed and posted this quote on my wall months ago.

As I stand everyday while working, I give myself permission to break my wall, and have my share of gushing of God's blessings and abundance from head to toe. :) 

May we heighten our awareness everyday!


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