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Home Remodeling!

There are a number of benefits to remodeling a home, but perhaps the most obvious is the breath of fresh air it can bring. IF you've been in your home for a while, you may be tiring of the same look and feel day in and day out. On the other hand, if you're considering selling your home, a remodel can greatly improve the value of a home.

One of the best returns on investment for a remodel is a new paint job. It doesn't cost much for the supplies, but the appearance of a fresh coat of paint can greatly improve the curb appeal of a home. Remember that perception drives the reality, so improving the exterior look of your home can drive up the price you can ask.

On the other hand, a kitchen remodel can have the most effect on a home. A new kitchen is one of the main elements homeowners look for; by updating your kitchen with a fresh paint job, new cabinets, and modern appliances, you can offer a compelling reason for potential buyers to purchase. Real estate experts say that outdated kitchens are one of the primary reasons buyers pass on purchasing a home.

If a home only has one bathroom, adding in a secondary bathroom or even a half-bath can have a great effect. Homes with only one bathroom are much more difficult to sell, as most homebuyers are young families looking for their first house. As a result, they often need more counterpace and bathrooms. On the flipside, homes with an abnormal number of bathrooms may suffer for poor use of space.

Outside of remodeling the inside of a home, the yard also has a huge effect on how a buyer perceives a property. By cleaning up the yard, putting in retainers around flowerbeds, and adding small elements to increase the look and feel of the home, you can greatly improve its value.
Home remodeling is an expensive but worthwhile investment. 

To find out more, check the free remodeling quotes here. A small investment can turn into a major return.

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