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My 5,000 pesos story

For the last 2 days I have been engrossed in learning new stuffs! I’ve always considered myself as a lifelong learner, I just need to learn, learn and learn still. To not remain stagnant, to continuously challenge myself to reach new heights, explore new grounds and simply embrace change.

I remember one post I’ve written entitled CHANGE stories and would like to share it with you…
“An investment in life is an
investment in change…
When you are changing all the time,
you’ve got to continue to keep adjusting to change,
which means that you are going to be constantly  facing new obstacles. 
That’s the joy of living. 
And once you are involved in the process of becoming, 
there is no stopping. 
You’re doomed! You’re gone! 
But what a fantastic journey!”

This was from Leo Buscaglia  the author of the book Living, Loving and Learning. (click his name to know more about it.)

As I despise stability, weird but true, his words continue to ring in my ears.. Change. A beautiful word!

Let me share my story:

After graduating from college, I went back to Lucena City (our hometown) and there I was given an opportunity to teach college students. I did that for 3 years, the force to "move on" was so strong after the end of my 3rd year in teaching  that with only 5000 pesos (about 100USD) loaned from an organization, I traversed Makati (4 hours away from Lucena; Philippines' business capital city) because of my desire to achieve 3 things:

First, to be able to wear a blazer.
Second, to work in an office setting.
Third, to earn more.

I didn't even know what job I was looking for!!! I knew I would change jobs, my point A.. but I did not know what my point B was  - all I knew were my 3 desires and I wanted that to happen!

True enough, after 2 weeks I found myself a job! in Makati! I could wear blazers, plus I could earn more through commissions BUT not in an office setting!!! 

I took the COMPUTER SALESMAN job- and for 2 weeks without any allowance but my mere 5000 pesos - I walked the streets and knocked on doors of every Makati and Mandaluyong households!!! every night for 2 weeks!!! 

Guess, I had a lucky bone because when we had a field trip to Cavite together with eager, fresh, excited rookies in a BUS, all ready to sell of course, I was the only one who was able to BREAK MY ICE and SELL A COMPUTER!

Given a commission of 8000 pesos I gave 3000 pesos to my very shy partner but since she has accompanied me through the whole walking, knocking on doors and selling trip, she deserved to be given.. And off I went job-searching again because I needed my 3 desires achieved! - So with my new 5000 pesos allowance, I landed another job selling COPY MACHINES, this time, I had 10,000 pesos salary and commission if I was able to sell, I could wear a blazer, and it's kind of half office- half field setting. At this job, my clients were all Makati offices.... opportunity indeed!, so I introduced my machines, and if clients had no desire.. I sold myself! I looked for HR and asked for openings!:) and voila! I found what I was looking for! (After less than 2 months!)

First, to be able to wear a blazer. (Oh yes, everyday!, different colors!)
Second, to work in an office setting.(Yes, Ayala baby!:)
Third, to earn more. (True, true, true, good salary, commission, company benefits and because we have high-end clients, we would treat them out, and I got to eat for free! lol!)

What a 5000 PESOS journey!

“Everything’s a risk. Change and growth take place only when you’re willing to risk and experiment with your own life! And once you begin to become hooked on risk, your whole life changes"!!! Soooooo true!

To where I am now, I still seek for change, there will always be "point A to point B".. I guess it’s in my soul, to simply yearn and become… The only prerequisite to all these are AWARENESS and ACKNOWLEDGMENT of WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT YOU DREAM OF.

Unlike the law of inertia, that an object remains at rest unless given motion, here you do all, you be all, you make things happen! And then it will happen!

But then again, who am I to teach, lol. A person who wants to learn will learn, just as a person who wants his/her dreams achieved will achieve, at their own time and season! Right?

Embrace change, and try not to put emotional attachments to things.. and then the thought of what more if the one lost is a loved one…. And you’d say better not ponder on it.. But then again, why not???

Leo Buscaglia wrote about Death too he's telling us not to waste time… And live every moment – every God-given moment –as we attempt to know life.

WOW!.. I have none to tell, but to date I have moved on.. CHANGE voila! and eager once more to put on as much memories as I can to this so called life. :)

What about you? How willing are you to CHANGE?
Honestly, it's all a matter of right timing! 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! If you want to invest your Php5000.00, the best way to go is to educate yourself.

Instead of being lazy, watching TV all day, or liking pictures in Facebook day in and out... spend part of your time productively!

Do something you've never done before.. or maybe, do it again the 2nd time around, the right way!... and never ever give up!!! just do it whatever it takes!

I wish you all the best.

-day 6/7- Christmas party excuse?

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