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Sweat it out!

Love Matters
Back in the days, I have sweaty hands! 

So, obviously, I always felt squeamish with holding hands. 

Well, there was this guy, and we attended mass together.  

My hands were normal the whole time, but a minute before the “Lord’s Prayer” part of the mass; 
my hands began to sweat again!!! (OK! I was nervous; I needed to hold hands with him!)

My mind was running a 100 miles 

Think, think, think... I would need for him to just hold the back of my hands, 
NO, I would need my hanky to go in between our hands, NO, I would need to excuse myself and run!

And before I could think of some more reasons not to hold hands, he was intertwining his hands with my hands already, 
and he was acting as if it didn’t matter if he was holding my sweaty hands!!!

My! -talk about “what-is-happening-here-feeling!”  
I was embarrassed, nervous and still sweaty but I needed to concentrate “Our Father, who art in heaven….”

I blurted sorry for my sweaty hands after the song but he was nonchalant about it.

Call me naive, but, in my heart, I knew, right there and then, he was the one.

Thanks to my sweaty-hands-challenge! LOL! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all! :)

Stay happy and in love!!!

-day 50- 

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