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Holding Hands

Yes I am with you always, until the very end of time” - Jesus Christ

I remember years of going home late from school after teaching evening classes, I would always end up walking from the gate of the subdivision where we live to our house! 
It was a long walk, dark, and I was always on my own! What kept me safe, sound and secured the whole time was Jesus!
As soon as I stepped down from the jeepney (popular means of transportation in the Philippines), I would say my prayer! It was really more like a-friend-talking-to-a-friend-kind-of-communication. 
In my mind, I would say, "Jesus... here I am again! please hold my hand and let's walk together!" and I know he would do just that!
It was a good 10 minute walk and I felt his hands wrapped around my hands the whole time!
Thank you Jesus for every time I call your Name, You are there!
Thank you for the many times you have held my hand, while we were walking in the dark, you have kept me safe and secured. I felt so loved.
Up until now, You are still with me, and I know You will be until the end of time.
-day 113 
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