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Be More-Do More-Have More

Do you feel stuck?

Sometimes, I feel like that. Stuck. The good thing is that it won't be for long. I've always felt like I'm a rolling stone in my maze of life. I love it too! Weird, huh. 

I'd feel exhilarated whenever I do whatever business is at hand, and then when I would feel stuck my heart and mind will just push me towards the other direction again.

I think this started way before. My parents would make me join different activities - swimming, piano lessons, ballet. In high school, I joined theatre arts, newspaper editing, volleyball, dancing and keyboarding. I love it all. 

In the end, I love writing more, so I am sticking to it. The best thing about it is I get to learn about my strengths!

I just feel excited whenever I need to jump, and not know what I am jumping into... am different, I know. 

For example, right after I graduated from college, three days after, I was already teaching college students! (Well for this one, my mom asked me to apply, she said, not to let down the first job offer! so I did.) 

My students were even older than I was! It was a whole story by itself, but three years after, I heard the call "Move Gemma, you have to move now! wahahahhaa" and I did! Lol (there wasn't any malicious laughter at the end, though) Lol.

By taking that risk, and becoming more passionate at what I really wanted to become, I've experienced a lot!

After every couple or more years, I would do that, jump and take the risk.

Until now, 20 years after!!! I am still jumping and taking the risk!!! They say rolling stone gathers no moss, and it's true! But I am not a stone, right? I experience life and learn a lot along the way! Inside, my 'moss' gathers! 

In my maze, I find excitement whenever I transition. It is during transitions, I believe, where the fun begins because it means I get to live life more!

It is also the reason why I am promoting the BE-DO-HAVE initiative. 

BE more.. by being more, you can DO more, and then you can HAVE more! 

Be more than what you are right now! Find some more values in your life that you can tap. Seek more ways on how you be of value to your family and community by exploring life and what it can offer.

Life is all about change anyway, right? So even if you decide that you will be a teacher forever, that is OK! - but BE MORE! 

BE more active and alive! Make a difference, be of more value, be more kind and giving, be more proactive! 

In doing that, I am sure you will find more ways to enliven that class, you find more ways to DO more for your class. Start a project, start a blog, start to write that book you've always wanted to write.... and then in the process, you will HAVE more! You will have more friends, money, blessings and happiness! Awesome, right?!

There is more to life than where you are and what you can be! There is more to what you can give to this life! Go with the flow of life and the changes that it brings! Grow with life! Be all that you can be! 

Jump and take that risk now! Be courageous! Do fun stuff! Have life lived to the fullest! 
Carpe Diem!
P.S. I've found this book at Amazon, a great find at 1 cent!

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