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Who We Are #2017

#Redirecting this post -

Someone said people do not meet by chance but somewhere in their lifetimes they were already connected and have decided to meet again at a certain point in their lives for a purpose.

As much as I want to believe that the purpose could be anything really, my mind is telling me otherwise. 

I believe we meet people in our lifetime for just one reason... to remind us of who we are.

Deep down.

Until we find ourselves, God will continue to send us angels, angels we have met before to bring about memories of ourselves, the real us.

Isn't that fun, scary, mysterious and exciting at the same time? Because, c'mon, let's face it we are not our bodies... we are not our names... we are not our possessions... we are not who we think we are... we are infinite beings.

We are infinite beings and we belong to our source.

If we find ourselves angry over someone for no reason, I believe it is time to point the fingers back at us, and recollect, why? Because if we are connected... then aren't we just facing ourselves through them?

What are we missing?
What are we afraid to see?
What are we waiting for?

But as in all things, it will come. No one can force us into anything we are not ready yet. 

But let's heed to the warnings, whispers and voices in our hearts and the people around us. 
Maybe, when we open our hearts to the call, we'll find peace and joy.

Then, we've arrived.

Day 1 #2017

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