Thursday, February 12, 2015

Toilet to Tap

Imagine, a glass of water with a brilliance of a well-cut diamond coming from your tap. Looks good, tastes good, quenches thirst. Period. 

Don’t think anymore. Don’t even ask.

Just be thankful for the water in front of you. Just go about doing your daily business and do not get curious at all.

It is what it is, because ladies and gentleman, you’ve just drunk a highly purified toilet bowl water.


Stop it, because the truth is all water is being recycled over and over, all water is recycled water. It just so happens that we have limited access to freshwater resources and so this is the safest, most environmental friendly alternative to drinking water.

Great isn’t it? So, continue wasting your water, pollute the earth and waste your energy resources some more. We have the technology and the solution: toilet water. Hurray! :)

Help me think: 

When will people realize the importance of water? How will you go outside of your box to make a difference?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clean Water- Wanted!!!

 Water changes everything!!!

It feels different to just read about it and actually watch the video - 
and see them drink the contaminated water!!!

We need to do something to help fast!

Water: A Commodity, A Necessity, A Basic Human Right

Digging up your own well, is free. At least, that’s what my husband told me, when I asked him if they ever paid for water in their province in the Philippines. Growing up, we have our own electric pump, I think my parents paid for the electricity, but water is free, they paid for the infrastructure, including its maintenance yearly though, until 2010. My mother told me that in 2010 a small-scale independent provider services them with water, it is cheaper, she said than paying for electricity. As for drinking water, my parents both decided to buy than use faucet water.

Here in the US, we’ve been to apartments were water is included in our rent payment, and there were some, just like where we are now, that we pay for our monthly water usage.

That is the reality. If we want to drink clean, fresh water, we have to pay for it. If we want to have water at all, we have to pay for the infrastructure, or we pay the service providers, private organizations or water districts or if you live in a place where the government provides free water, then you’re lucky! That’s just the way it is. 

On 28 July 2010, through Resolution 64/292, the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The Resolution calls upon States and international organisations to provide financial resources, help capacity-building and technology transfer to help countries, in particular developing countries, to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

So that means, what it means right?

But why do I still have to pay for clean, fresh water?

Unfortunately, although no nation voted against the resolution in 2010, about 40 nations refused to vote. Some of the nations that abstained to vote were US, Canada, Australia and many European countries. It is obvious because these countries mostly treat water as a commodity.

Amidst all debates, issues and resolution, we should all do our part in taking action to start valuing water as it is already a scarce resource.

If you are the lucky ones who get free water, then make use of it wisely. If you pay for your water, then make use of it wisely. If you know someone who doesn’t have access to free water at all, then help and share your resources, join non-governmental organizations to help them be provided with water, do positive actions to provide positive results.

If you want global change, it won’t happen tomorrow.

Each one of us, can only function within our control, it will also do us no good to just be in the know and not act on it.

If we all start conserving water now, in our own little ways, whether we paid for it or not, that’s a better resolution.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Global Warming!!!


Carbon dioxide (CO2) 
is the chief greenhouse gas that results from human activities and  
causes global warming 
and climate change.

According to CO2 Now
the Atmospheric CO2 is accelerating upward 
from decade to decade.   

For the past ten years (2005 - 2014), 
the average annual rate of increase is 2.11 parts per million (ppm).   

This rate of increase is more than double the increase in the 1960s!  

is happening!


we cause it to happen 

because of our human activities, poor decisions and leadership. 

It is true, it is always easier said than done, right?

 but  t h e r e  is always that  S T A R T  button!

Call to ACTION: 

Let's help save our planet Earth in our own little ways!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No to Bottled Water!

For 30 years I have been drinking tap water in the Philippines. I am OK. We are OK. It was in 2007 when I first came here in the US… in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2 years after Hurricane Katrina. Do you think I continued to drink tap water? No. Of course not… I embraced my relationship with bottled water since then. We moved in New Mexico in 2010, the more I hugged my water bottle tight.

… and then this topic. Bottled Water.

I believe it was enculturation for me. It can also be mostly fear. I can also list a lot more excuses but the statistics is loud and clear. We can either face the environmental issues now, or pay later. No doubt about that.

NO to bottled water! Drink tap! or find alternatives! … but just like smoking, it can fall into deaf ears.

Many will continue to buy bottled water, because it continues to be manufactured. Many will continue to buy bottled water because it is more convenient, safe, and handy. Many will continue not to drink tap water because they have money to spend. Many will continue to not drink tap water because…. just because.

For the meantime, here are the alternatives on how I can purify my tap water:

     1) Activated Carbon Filter – carbon materials such as coal, charcoal and wood helps remove water taste and odor, and can do an excellent job in removing lead and organic compounds. They have listed Brita, Clear20 Water Filtration Pitcher, Pur as among the best water filter pitchers. They are mostly cheap, except for the frequent replacement of filter cartridges.

One can also choose faucet-mount water filters or under-sink filters which mostly use the reverse-osmosis system.

2) Reverse-Osmosis  - devices use a membrane with tiny pores to screen out inorganic chemicals and dissolved solids. Prices and options on models vary and maintenance is required for about twice a year, which adds up to annual cost. The best budget option is Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis Filtration System or the 3M Filtrete Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System.

3) Distillers – the use of ion exchange devices such as iron removal, softening and chlorination systems reduces most chemicals except organic chemicals. These are less expensive than purchasing the second option. 

4) Filters – traps particles like sand and rust but not dissolved solids in the water. Mostly inexpensive but requires regular maintenance as well.

… as in all stories, it just takes one.. and then, like ripple of hope, we will have America wake up before it’s too late!

Yes to clean, safe and free water not bottled.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's the Word Again? "Attracting"

Yesterday felt surreal. I attended the Special Education Directors' meeting. I got to meet my former districts' directors and happy to see how pleased they were with where I am. 

It was January, 2014 when I attended another training by New Mexico Public Education Department, the speaker was new at the department. I just thought, I can be like that too, and let it pass.

I let it pass in my mind again, but my heart actually believed it. 

When I started my work as an IEP Facilitator 3 years prior, it was a want for me to work in the department. Whenever teachers would take for granted the value of my work, or maybe it was all in my mind... my mind would always wander to my 'what if'... what if I work for the department.. then maybe, they'll take my work seriously.

After sometime though, that thought would just leave, and I'd forget about it. It would just peep in again whenever there were compliance issues with the paperwork.

Rekindling my dream of working for the department... you know, I usually just keep things to myself whenever I have a big something that I want to happen in my life.. but, I have this co-teacher in the elementary school I worked with who seemed very kind. So I told her about my future role in the PED. She laughed about it. I laughed too. 

She thought it was a joke. I thought so too. HAHAHA.

So, she and I would just laugh every time... and every time I'd see her, I'd always say the same thing.. I'll work for the PED someday and she better wait for it!

In less than a year, it came true. Creepy, huh?

Thinking about the events in my life, and how I seem to attract things I want, I am at awe. There is pattern, a good one, and I am just grateful. Putting it into words now, I must say, we do attract things we think about, for real.

So, the million dollars may not be just a dream, but a reality in the near future. 


Dream with me?

And so it is.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Earning Commissions vs Fixed Salary

The funny thing was, I felt, I was kissing with success all the time... but not knew about it!

When I resigned from teaching college three years after graduating from college, I only had Php 5000.00 (around 125 USD) in my pocket. I loaned it so I would have something to work with when I applied at the bigger city in the Philippines. 

With my internal motivation to succeed in the corporate world, I took the risk, gave my all despite the odds, hardships and sweat! I wanted it so bad, I didn't stop until I got what I wanted! Well, that time, I started with direct selling of computers to different household! After two weeks of training and another two weeks of being out in the field, from among the two buses full of associates, as we called ourselves, I was the only one who was able to sell!!!

With a lifeline of another Php 5000.00 in my pocket, I asked God again to not give me just commissions... (I was so into being "employed" that I failed to do Math! It only took me 3 hours to sell that computer, and the company gave me Php 8000.00! Had I persevered and ate my pride, I'd never know what I would have become!) Uhm.. if you are curious as to what happened to the Php 3000.00, I gave it to my partner during our field day, she was just a fresh graduate that time, very timid and shy, and I told her all my stories, she so quietly laughed and joined me as we walked along the subdivision we were at. I told her to just stay with me and I would give her Php 3000.00 if I sold a computer!.. and I did!, she was extremely happy! Who wouldn't be? Lol! I am not sure where she is now.. maybe she learned from me, and got on with it! Oh my! She could be rich by now already!)

So I asked God for not just commissions but fixed salary as well... and He did. After another month, tired of walking, this time to different buildings in Makati (not houses anymore!), and not successful with it. I asked God to give me not just commissions, fixed salary, but benefits and air conditioned personal office so I could wear my blazer and not be sweaty with it! Lol!.. and He did!

I got a bigger paycheck, but my expenses got bigger too! Though, I was able to invest some.. still, I was living paycheck to paycheck!



Joy in Learning!

I, nevertheless, continued to read books! I still do!

You would find me at National Bookstore, my favorite place to go when I was not doing anything! I would buy and read all self-help, leadership and motivating books I could find!

I befriended with Mitch Albom, Richard Bach, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Bo Sanchez, Leo Buscaglia, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, Andrew Matthews, Rhonda Byrne, John Gray, Phillip McGraw, Ryuho Okawa, Mike Dooley and recently Eric Worre plus a lot more whom I'd missed!

I attended all the seminars I could find, PSI Seminars, OCCI Seminars.. from Basic Leadership to Advanced Leadership to Training the Trainer! I was not sure what I hope to find, all I knew was that I had this thirst for knowledge, for learning, for more insights! I seemed to have this endless passion to find me. 

To know what I really want, to be certain of where I am and where I want to be.

I am sure everything happens for a reason. I am also sure it is all just a matter of right timing. Just as we cannot force a pupa to metamorphose when it is not yet finished, it is the same way with people. 

Just like me... 



Monday, May 26, 2014

Right Timing Not!

Like many others who have joined network marketing and failed... 

Failed, because they thought it was a get rich quick scheme... they simply needed to ask people to do the same and then they will become millionaires! Uh no!

Failed, because they thought it was an easy task and when they encountered all criticisms, challenges and failure.. they quit just as fast!

Failed, because they bought the products as a start-up business, as an investment and business opportunity.. but never really believed in it nor understood what a business really means!

I was one of them!

There was even this one time in year 2000 when I invested and bought all these beauty products, thinking I would look the same as the endorsers and promoters, and then, after three weeks of using it, I got all those nasty pimples! I barged in their office, returned all the products and demanded for a full refund! I told them, how can I market all these?! Look at my face!.. good thing they gave my money back! Lol

But still, I continued to attend some more network marketing company seminars.. one invitation to another I would attend, listen and listen some more... at the end of the talk, I'd look into my pocket to check if I have the money to invest, but I'd always have none! Lol

The thing was in my heart, this was the way to go.. this was the way to earn some more...and I knew... I can be so much more! Deep within, I always knew that if I only find the right product, I would be able to do it too! I would also be successful as them speakers!

... and then I found this company, and I loved all their products! Loved it! But, to register was expensive! I knew I couldn't afford.

Many other friends bugged me into a lot more of the same ventures, but I just declined, even if in my heart, it was the way to go... I was enveloped with a lot of excuses already. I accepted defeat even before I entered the battle.



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tough Life!

Teaching is hard!!!! 

I blamed, complained and pointed fingers... only to realize it was all me!!!

Read on here: 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Policeman... again!

“Don't give up before the miracle happens.”  - Fannie Flagg

Thank God for this message! 

By the end of 3rd day, my educational assistant warned me of what I need to do in case she will be out on leave, and my eyes were immediately filled with tears .. good thing I held back! "Please don't", I pleaded!

I wasn't able to contain how overwhelmed I was with everything that while driving, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore... and then the I saw the car... a police car driving the opposite direction as it turned around with its beautiful blue, white and red lights!

Nice.. right timing. 

(continued here.. Oh, Lucky 3rd, Oh, Lucky 3rd! :) 



Stories.. stories.. and more stories!!!

I've started my new job!!!!

It was an OMG as in OMG.. oh my!!! OMG!!!!

Read on here! First Day of the... what the @Exploring Gems: One Step at a Time.

It wasn't as bad.. just felt as if... Lol

Check this out though... my new room! Nice huh?
Clean and Dandy hehehe

Read more about it here!!! My New Workplace @ Exploring Gems: One Step at a Time.

... still believing something realllllly good will come out of this! :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Something New!

I am starting anew this 2014! Yay!

I love my job as an IEP Facilitator/Writer... running 4 years now! I really wanted to settle, for the first time! But, for higher good, I am moving on!

I have taken the challenge to teach grade levels I've not taught before! I'll be handling gifted and grades 3-5 students! Nice huh? :)

So, since everything will be an adventure.. I've decided to document my experiences, funny stories, and everything under the sun with this new quest! I am really excited!!! I will have my own room to decorate... it's fun right? Lol. I am up for something crazy, unbelievable and amazing moments of my life for real!

Can't wait to start!

Remember to drop by once in a while! :)


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Me and My Jacket!

I was browsing through my pictures since I came here in the US, and realized that I was mostly wearing the same thing during photo ops!

I bought that jacket in the Philippines before coming here.. and well, it's still with me! I guess, some good things do last somehow :) Yeah, because I held on to it.. and maybe I'll let it go.. someday! Lol!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving On!

I am starting afresh this 2014!

I've lost track along the way when my expectations weren't met this year. 

I've set goals hoping, wanting and expecting it will all come true.. but it didn't. I've tried mind power, positive thinking and affirmations, hoped for the best, and waited for miracles but God may have other plans. 

Frustrating and sad as it is, I can only move on and find creative ways to make it come true somehow, someday. God willing.

This 2014, YES! I am holding on.

In due time, it will all come true!

Let's continue to conceive, believe and achieve!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm Back!

There was just too much going on especially after the wrath of Yolanda... that I felt it was better to keep silent and just do what needs to be done... not including, writing.

It's almost two months now, and I suddenly missed my blogs - My Dailies and Pinoy Teacher's Stories!

So, am pouring my heart out again... my never ending novela! lol!

When we left New Orleans, three years ago, and settled in New Mexico... I literally, settled, mind, body, heart and soul. I love where I am, I love my job and everything about Gallup. Maybe, I just got tired of moving from one school to another, that when for the first time, I've kept my position as an IEP Facilitator/Writer, running three years now, I want to hold on. I've suddenly resisted change. I've settled.

... when I shouldn't.

Change is good. But, I forgot about it. 

I thank God for His messengers for prodding me to challenge myself again. A friend insisted that I cut my losses. Another one pushed me to take the risk that could be the answer to it all; that God's delays are not only His denials, but it could also mean, He wants me to look at better options and that it is time to move out of my comfort zone and embrace change! and another friend, drilled me to it!

... and so, I've awaken. I'm back! :)

mmmm... let me stretch first! Lol!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Moments Like This!

October 14, 2013 afternoon

I need something new to keep me from thinking I've been in this country for so long. I need to go home. I badly want to go home, at least to recharge, at least to hug my parents and family, at least to share stories with relatives and friends.

Weird, I told my husband about this and he told me, "Magtyaga na lang tayo muna dito". He said, to be patient where we are... funny, we are in the United States of America! Many Filipinos in the Philippines would say the same thing while waiting for their opportunity to go to another country. BUT, we are in the other country.. and we are both eager to go home - for a vacation!

Why can't we?

Because leaving without permanent papers would mean going back to our country and staying there for good. We will start back to zero. We'll need to find jobs, make a living and be stable. For a single woman, it maybe OK, but not for a family of four.

We love where we are here in the US in terms of jobs and education for our children. I just badly need a break.

I am not sure what new I am looking for, money can't seem to solve the longing, buying things, eating a lot and traveling to places continue to be temporary and fleeting. 

If only we have the paperwork already, we'll leave at once! Never mind the ticket and expenses. We will go home. But we don't have any.

This is not saying I am not grateful and blessed, because I am but still it's just so weird feeling this way! I feel like a victim! I feel trapped because this isn't my intention, and as of now, even as I am writing this, I can do nothing about it and it sucks! :(

October 14, 2013 midnight news

Major earthquake shook Central Philippines.

I rest my case.

God bless our country, Lord.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

13 years!

We didn't have long engagement, heck we really didn't have enough time to get to know each other better prior to marriage. For me, it was all gut feeling! LOL.

Yet, here we are! 13 years today! 13 years of getting to know each other and I guess, we will have a lifetime of it!

You continue to be my perfect opposite and I am yours! Picture how we coped all these years! Crazy and weird times, I know. Our marriage is full of spices of different sorts. But along the way, we've learned and are still learning to meet each other halfway, change bit by bit to accommodate, embrace life together, and love unconditionally.

Cheers to 13 years of living, loving and learning Dennis! :)


Friday, October 4, 2013

Hot Yoga It Is!

So, I’ve been attending HOT YOGA classes for a week now. I needed to budget my time from getting off work at 4:30 to being ready 10 minutes before 6pm for the classes. After every class, I’d have a very soaked shirt; but I'd feel really refreshed.

Watches and all electronics are not allowed. Half way through the twisting and curling, I’d wish with all my power that time is already up! Lol.

I’d look forward to the instructor saying “final posture” and it will always be a relief when she would turn off the lights, and say words like…embrace the light, love and peace, honor yourself for doing a hard job and eventually... NAMASTE.

Aside from loving the sweat I was making, I love the time out from all stress and tension and just being in the silence of the heated room. 

We are doing Bikram Yoga. The studios were yoga is practiced is called Torture Chambers. Nice, huh? 

This website has all the actual poses we were doing and the benefits derived from each posture! Check this out BIKRAM YOGA. The 26 postures were selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga and would help maintain optimum health and maximum function to all parts of the body.
Bikram Yoga is all about extension and compression.  This is happening in every phase of yoga, all the time.  Every time you bend to the right, you are compressing or closing that side while opening up the left side.  And vice versa.  The moment you release the posture, blood is transported from one side to the other.  In this way you sequentially improve each part of the whole human body." - From Bikram Yoga (also known as "the orange book"), pg 85-86
Whoa! .. and because I was sweating a lot, I was just following how the postures were done, unknowing, that really, as I was doing the poses I am getting both healing and therapy.
Numerous studies have been made throughout the world about the benefits of yoga. Yoga and it's weight loss and well being success system! It is high time for you to find one at your place too! Click Here! for more information.

Cheers to health!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hot Yoga in Gallup!

Excited to do something with my (physical) life, I together with a friend, checked out the Four Corners Yoga because the Gallup News Bulletin announced the lessons were free!  It was free indeed, (we just told them we saw the ad saying it was free in the paper) and we just paid $2 because we needed to rent the mat and towel.

Oh my, we had 90 minutes of our lives! The room was hot, really, really hot!!! It was like 105+ degrees inside the closed room with like 40% humidity!

Coming to America, I never sweated profusely until that night. We stretched muscles we never knew could be stretched. We did poses, 26 postures, as they called it and I needed to work on my breathing to survive!

There was supposed to be no talking during the meditation time, as what yoga is about, in this case, hot yoga! But, it was funny how we were trying out the postures and not being able to do it as beautifully as we should, there were no judgments, we were told to listen to our body, and it wasn’t a competition anyway. So, with a lot of smiles and some chit chats, the instructor continued to remind us to respect and focus on our own bodies. STOP THE TALKING, in loud words, Lol!

We needed to drink lots of water and one is allowed to do so, of course! The instructors would also give time after every set for us to refresh and take a breather.

We were flushed afterwards, all toxins were out! Our cheeks were rosy and it felt like all tension and stress were released.

After a few days, we came back again, this time, we didn’t talk, it was silence all the way as we stretched and embraced the heat and the sweat! I just have to remind myself that I should not eat at least 2 hours prior to the movements because I could feel the food upside down my stomach as I did the stretches! Lol!

We decided to try this out for 30 days. We paid $29.00, this is the beginner’s month fee; we can go everyday if we want to. (Yoga time is from 6-7:30 Monday to Friday and every Sat and Sun from 9-10:30).

Loving the super sweat I was making, I am hopeful to lose weight in the process and benefit some more! Well now, aside from drinking lots of water, I am now also conscious of my breathing... so it should be good.

... and yes, at the end of the session, the instructor would say as I would,


Friday, September 27, 2013

My Dailies @ 100K

This calls for a celebration!!! 

100,000 plus page views!!!

I started blogging in 2006 using Friendster Blogs. I posted two blogs with BLOGGER in 2009 but stopped. In December, 2011, I decided to use Blogger full time. So, in less three years and 100,000 page views later... I am still grateful!

Thank you for all checking in on what's on my mind. Thank you for visiting! I truly appreciate it!



Friday, September 13, 2013

Weeding Out

Not for any shallow or deep.

A turning point to finally open my eyes and see who matters, what matters and not. Time to pull out weeds and prune. Delayed Reaction. 

Sad to know how people, regardless if you are friends or not, changes, because of potential Simoleons and Benjamins. Lol! I say, bathe in it, savor its preciousness, embrace its power. Hands up. All yours. All yours. 

18 out of 19 people were for me. But that 1 out of 19 who was against me, who would question everything and would do everything just to prove her point, insist she is right and fight for it -- behind my back --- would just bring out the best in me! It was fun to see her reaction, not knowing I knew everything that she did. Looked at her in the eyes, into her soul and acted clueless. Precious. Thank God for good souls.

I was ready to give up, I was rushing towards resentment, resistance and revenge. I wrote to prove my point. I asked him for a review. Confirmed my demand and yet in a second, agreed to his argument. Abode. I fought back the tears but can't. Useless. I lost, I know, but won in the end. There is power in 180 degree turn... and loved his smile. 

I'm trapped on my own web. Can't see a way out now, just going through the flow... my heart beats to flee and embrace my hearts desire but can't. IDK anymore, questioning what's left. Trapped in the U box of squares. Feeling victim but not. Choice.

Too long a time. Too long a time.... not my blueprint, not my plan, not my time frame. I'm ready to jump but can't. My life isn't my own anymore.

He was under my circle before, now he leads the circle... a rocky start but ended great. It feels good to be part of it all. Circle of Life.

There is a God. Delved for message and found Ephesians 4:2-3 

    "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 
    Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."

    Puzzles fit.

Let it be. Let it go. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm 40 and I Love It! :)

I AM 40!!!

Well, that just took a lot of courage in me to be revealing my age when I've actually stopped counting at 33! 

When asked about my age in application forms, I had to subtract the year with my birth year before coming up with the correct age! But of course! LOL!

Why did I stop counting? Direct Answer. I've decided to stop judging myself. 

Age, would be people's way and sadly, my own personal basis of how I should act, behave and look based on what the society expects me to act, behave and look! I'd hear people say that I should act my age! HUH? So, would that mean, the older you get, the more serious, dull and boring you become? Mmmm, that's just not what I envision my life to be, unfortunately! Lol!

Age would also be the basis of what status we should already be at, at this age, "You should already be married with kids?" DUH? and ostracize those who have chosen to stay single at high-risk pregnancy ages? 
No, no, no, no, no.

So, I've decided long ago to stop counting and just enjoy my years on earth!

And.. now at 20.. I mean, 30.. oh yeah! 40.. Lol! I've decided to lovingly accept me as me! 

Acceptance will start from me... and who I've become after 40 years of living, loving and learning and I am embracing all of it wholeheartedly! 

I am grateful , blessed, and full of joy for all the 40 years of God's blessings and miracles in my life. I am still amazed, full of awe and wonder, and will continue to be fascinated and enchanted by His love, compassion, and generosity for another 40 more years of life! :)

Thank you everyone for sharing this momentous event of my life! :)

To God be the Glory!


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