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Closer to Home

What's with the name? 

Well, it is used for identification purposes, right? But, do you know that in many cultures, they believe that a person's name provides a clue as to the life he/she will lead? 

I guess, that's why in the Philippines most girl's names have Mary or Maria or Marie so they will forever be connected to our Mother Mary, and hopefully emulate her values.

My family and relatives calls me Gigi. When I went to school, my teachers and classmates called me by my second name, Gemma. My first name is really Maria, yes, I will forever be grateful I am connected to Mama Mary. To differentiate one Maria to another, we are called by our second names instead.

It was when I introduced myself to my co-teachers in New Orleans, Louisiana - to the first school I was assigned to teach and I told them my name, Gemma, I had to say it a few times, and they still couldn't pronounce it! Oh well, I told them to call me Maria instead, and easily they responded. From 2007 on I was Maria to my co-workers, credit card companies, and all of the succeeding documents I had to sign.

And then this year, for some beautiful reason.... I joined the Public Education Department of the state of New Mexico. In the federal program that I am coordinating, there were two Marias and one Mario. My boss said there was too many Marias in our bureau so I might as well use my second name, Gemma. Nice!

So now, I had to reintroduce myself and let everybody get use to calling me by the name, Gemma. 

Funny, when I told them my nickname is Gigi, they were like, "Oh I like it too!"

We all have our preferences, by how we want our names pronounced, how we want to be called and addressed.

In my lifetime, I guess I just never thought I'll be using all my names, but I did! Never mind the pronunciation or the accent. It's still me!

Even with the name changes, I was able to keep who I really am, deep down.

Although sometimes, the Maria isn't the Gemma I used to be. Maria seemed so quiet, serious, and "nose bleeding" all the time! Lol..., Gemma is more the real thing! Lol.

I am not sure about life's path and its connection to my name though... but it feels really good to be back to Gemma now. I feel closer to home!

Finding Time for Time Outs

I have been stuck for a couple of weeks now.  Stuck because I can’t get myself to do some action when I should be!

Maybe, I was having my post-no-summer-syndrome, so I feel like I owe myself some time out.

The best of me would have everybody out of my sight because I will watch a movie. They are of course, free to join me, but my mind was so concentrated on just watching. All else, I am not doing.

For the first time since 2005, I have not had my two months summer break!

Spring Cleaning Surprise!

April 25, 2015
Spring Cleaning with First Serve
Herb Martinez Park
Santa Fe, NM

Our family decided to join the Spring Cleaning activity of First Serve. We considered this our way of helping the community.

Composting and Planting.. Doing our Share!

Dennis has been very diligent with composting and he was able to keep some even if we moved a lot last year!

Here are the photos of what we have right now including what the kids planted when they were given seeds and pots from the Earth Day celebration.

World Water Day Celebration in Santa Fe, NM

World Water Day Celebration 
El Museo Cultural
Santa Fe, NM
March 22, 2015 

WEFTA celebrates World Water Day at the Railyard

Here are our own documentation of the said event.

I hope the photos and videos will speak a thousand words!