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Visualize the Wows Not the Hows! Day 5/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 5: Visualize! Imagine a Day in the Life You Dream of Living
Imagine! Imagine a typical day in your life, at some point in the near future, as if your big priority areas for transformation in 2016, have already been completely transformed in the most exciting of ways. Don't worry about how such changes will come, or when, or through who, just that they did. Imagine sights, sounds, colors, and conversations from such a day. Imagine celebrating. Imagine the happy tears and "high fives." Imagine explaining the transformation to your friends. Imagine the inner peace you will have. 

What might your new priorities for change be? What might your new challenges be? Where might you live? How might you vacation? What type of friends might you have? Where might you hang out? What might you do for fun? Imagine all of these things, as you imagine you're living through them!

What if we spend 5 minutes daily on imagining our what ifs? 5 minutes daily on dreaming the life we want, 5 minutes everyday on feeling the joy of being, doing and having! ... and what if those 5 minutes are the key to unlocking the magic? 

They said, if you can dream it, you can have it! 

Let us therefore, promise ourselves to spend at least 5 minutes a day of visualization exercise!

Let's promise ourselves to imagine a life we want, to embrace our changed selves, to feel the joy of having acquired of what we really desire! 

Let us promise ourselves to think with the end in mind, go beyond what we cannot see and simply dwell on the end result!


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