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Plan, And Then Take, Baby Steps Toward Your Dreams - Day 6/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 6: Plan, and then Take, Baby Steps Toward Your Dreams
This activity is about planning what baby steps you can immediately start taking in the direction of your dreams. Things you can now physically do about making your dreams come true. 

In your journal or on a sheet of paper, write a dream at the top of the page. Then write down at least 7 concrete, baby steps that you can start taking in the days and weeks ahead to move towards it. Some of your steps may be very ordinary, some very creative and unusual. Just so you take the steps is what matters! 

Ask yourself: What else can I try? Where else can I go? What else can I do? Use additional sheets of paper, or journal pages, as necessary. Plan, and then take, some baby steps for all of your dreams and priorities, and never, ever stop.

The truth of the matter is unless we do something, anything, even if it's a little teeny weeny thing, nothing will happen.

We can stare all day at that apple hanging in the apple tree- we can believe, think hard, affirm with all our might and pray, but unless we stand up and pick it up, nothing will happen (well, maybe something will happen, but it will take forever!)

Anyway, the point is to do - something, anything, even if its teeny weeny little tiny thing!!!

We just need to trigger God or the Universe, or however else you want to call God, and put our belief into action!

As for me and my dreams?

I know, I cannot make anymore excuses, and I've got the 7 concrete baby steps are underway. Promise!

I hope you do the same! :)


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