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My Belief Made My Dream Come True

Yesterday felt surreal. I attended the Special Education Directors' meeting. I got to meet my former districts' directors and happy to see how pleased they were with where I am. 

Flashing back. It was January 2014 when I attended another training by New Mexico Public Education Department, the speaker was new at the department. I just thought, I can be like that too, and let it pass.

I let it pass in my mind again, but my heart actually believed it. 

When I started my work as an IEP Facilitator 3 years prior, it was a want for me to work in the department. Whenever teachers would take for granted the value of my work, or maybe it was all in my mind... my mind would always wander to my 'what if'... what if I work for the department.. then maybe, they'll take my work seriously.

After some time, though, that thought would just leave, and I'd forget about it. It would just peep in again whenever there were compliance issues with the paperwork.

Rekindling my dream of working for the department... you know, I usually just keep things to myself whenever I have a big something that I want to happen in my life.. but, I have this co-teacher in the elementary school I worked with who seemed very kind. So I told her about my future role in the PED. She laughed about it. I laughed too. 

She thought it was a joke. I thought so too. HAHAHA.

So, she and I would just laugh every time... and every time I'd see her, I'd always say the same thing. I'll work for the PED someday and she better wait for it!

In less than a year, it came true. Creepy, huh?

Thinking about the events in my life, and how I seem to attract things I want, I am in awe. There is a pattern, a good one, and I am just grateful. Putting it into words now, I must say, we do attract things we think about, for real.

So, the million dollars may not be just a dream, but a reality in the near future. 


Dream with me?

And so it is.

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