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My face full of acne!!!

You want the truth? Here’s the truth!!!
This is me right now!!!

What happened??????!!!!!

Well, I just turned 16 years old and thus, the acne! Lol!

I have an oily face, obviously. Well, for months, I was using PROACTIVE but for some reason, my face started to break out again! So the need to look for a new skin care!

The last quarter of 2012, I used BODY SHOP’s TEA TREE OIL products, CLINIQUE’s ACNE SOLUTIONS, I used LIFE CELL South Beach Skin Care, Likas Papaya soap, Neutrogena!

With graduate studies deadlines, upcoming holiday stress, late nights, very dry and cold weather, chocolates, junk foods and lots of milk consumption!!! My face became confused and rebelled!!!

The chemicals used in all the products that I tried may not have synergistically worked together and my very face was the target of this chemical warfare! Lucky me and my decisions, huh?!

Happily I sent back all the products I used, and they returned the monies as well. The companies just weren’t able to return my old face though! Sad, sad, sad :(

It was actually worst 15 days ago, look!

The last I remember getting acne, all over my face, was when I was pregnant to my youngest son! Well, I am not pregnant!!!

just stopped eating oily foods, stopped drinking milk and consuming dairy products. I also gave up on eating rice (just to start my diet too! lol!) and am drinking lots of water now!

Aloe vera, seemed to work too! While waiting for the natural aloe vera products I just bought online, I am currently using CETAPHIL and FRUIT OF THE EARTH ALOE VERA to soothe my itchy and full of acne skin!

The doctor also gave me oral antibiotics to fight the bacteria! I haven’t contacted any dermatologist yet, (I heard, it will take 3-6 months to have a schedule!) and as much as possible am avoiding some more chemicals!

To date, I am still hopeful aloe vera could heal me! 

Yes! Lesson learned!!! No to chemicals anymore!!! 

What about you?? How do you combat acne???

The information on this site ( reflects the insights, first-hand experiences and opinions of the owner. Please do not substitute it as medical advise. Be sure to consult your doctor about your individual situation. 

To date, the owner is still researching and experimenting on what works best for her (as regards acne and itchiness) and natural, organic and herbal products that could work well for you too! :)

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