Itchy Hands: Curse or Blessing?

I woke up with very itchy hands last Monday! Both my hands have red patches on it and it was really itchy! 

A part of me was saying I’ll be receiving lots of money! (Remember, how elders would relate itchy hands with incoming wealth?) Lol!

The other part of me was saying something was wrong with me!

From itchy hands, it would calm down and another part of me would be itchy! Legs, head, arms, back… something was definitely wrong!!! 

I called my personal doctor and told him what was happening. He said to take antihistamines. I didn’t really take him seriously at first since I was relating the itching, maybe, to the antibiotic I took for my acne. 

That night, it was weird seeing red itchy patch of blood from the inside of my skin moving from one part of my body to the next. I stopped the antibiotic thinking it was the cause, and was afraid it could get worse. It has been 20 days of it already so that should be ok, right? (My doctor didn’t know and I'm not telling, lol!) 

I browsed the net and got the answer! Hives!!! I’ve got hives! 

I recalled what I ate the night before… mmmm, maybe it was the not-very-well-cooked-burger we had before, but then I know it was cooked pretty well, Lol! my husband begged to disagree. 

I had to calm myself that night so I could sleep peacefully, thank God I did, but when I woke up came my red itchy under the skin patches again. 

I took a bath and lo and behold, it got worst! my whole body was itching real bad!!!

Patches everywhere!! 

A part of me was blaming the Dial Nourishg Body Wash, Yogurt & Vanilla Honey I bought just 3 days ago. 

It was the only new “thing” I used that week. It was also a first for me to use DIAL. Maybe, one of its ingredients irritated my skin. Sensitive, soft and supple! Lol! But I don't know!

I then went to the pharmacy and bought Claritin, so I won’t be drowsy. No effect! The next day, I used Dial Nourishg Body Wash, Yogurt & Vanilla Honey (my 5th day of using it) and my body was all red again!!! 

I just had to go to the doctor and he told me to look outside of the box. 

He said, it couldn’t be the antibiotic that caused it since it has been 20 days already. It must have been, he said, your bath soap, Dial, for example, I am allergic to it. Not the DIAL itself, but one of the ingredients on it. 

Rings a bell! Jackpot!!!

He gave me steroids.
Today, I used Original Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap and no more red patches and itchiness! 

Oh, that Monday, I received cash money, Tuesday; I received the document for tax refund; Wednesday, another for paper for tax refund and last night I computed my tax refund, nice generous amount!

Mmmm, I wonder if the elders were right too, itchy hands could really mean having lots of money, or was it just a coincidence? Lol!

Take away: Be careful with changing bath soaps, facial soaps, detergents, shampoo, conditioners, cleaners! Different companies would formulate different products using different chemicals, and usually they won't complement each other.  These chemicals could trigger allergic skin reactions!

I suggest, we all try a sample at the back of our hands first and check for 3 days if it will develop a rash. If not then we can go ahead and use it.

If it does, we know what to do. NOT USE IT!


Note: I reported the incident to DIAL, Henkel Corp. Customer Service. They were very apologizing and has even promised to give me free coupons!!! Mmmm, maybe I would giveaway the coupons? Lol!

The information on this site ( reflects the insights, first-hand experiences and opinions of the owner. Please do not substitute it as medical advise. Be sure to consult your doctor about your individual situation. 

To date, the owner is still researching and experimenting on what works best for her (as regards acne and itchiness) and natural, organic and herbal products that could work well for you too! :)


  1. Lucky you on both ends..for your financial blessings and yup for the healing of your itchy hands. That Likha soap, sus, fave ng son ko. Gusto raw pumuti. LOl

  2. I guess it's true what they say... itchy hands mean both money and allergies! :) Kidding aside, yes we should be more careful when trying out new products for our face and bodies. Where did you find the original Likas papaya soap? I've been looking for one. I want to go back to using it. thanks :)

  3. i suggest you take the antihistamine... sleepiness lang naman side effect nyan. so that it won't worsen anymore. hope you get well. Yahweh bless.

  4. You drink lots of carrot shake and juice. My daughter suffered hives also, many medicines and ointment/cream given by our doctor but only carrots stop the itchiness and red spots all over her body. If you don't mind here is my post about HIVES...

  5. Revisiting, just want to say na hives can cause death, kasi sabi ng doctor ko, kung ano raw ang nagmanifest sa labas Isa skin) yun din daw ang nasa internal organ ng patient.

  6. Now it safe to say Likas Papaya really works.

  7. Good to know that Original Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap works. Will try this also.

  8. Sorry to hear about what happened to you sis. It's quite scary to experience itching and figuring out what causes it. I also have allergies, but fortunately, I already know about it -- seafood allergies. Anyway, always take care and yes, let's all be vigilant with what we use and what we eat.

  9. itchiness can be a very annoying thing to have but I think you should've listened to the doctor in the first place to avoid getting hassled in the first place. Glad that it got healed with the right kind of soap. Cheers!

  10. Unfortunately, I have skin asthma and it's chronic meaning... it will just subside but will recur. When it gets severe, I'm over stressed so you are lucky to be relieved from hives or URTICARIA in medical term.

  11. Haha yeah I hear many believe that if you have itchy hands, you will get more money. But this is only a figurative saying. The reality is you got some bacteria or allergy. Be careful and watch out for it as you might get some skin disease if it gets worse. Good thing you tried Likas Papaya soap. Hope you won't get inflicted with psoriasis - scary disease.

  12. Just really wondering what the Dial PR team will do when they find this article :) Haha :) Good to know you're okay now, another soap used notwithstanding.

  13. That nice to have itchy hands if waht follows really is a bounty of cash on your hands the next day.. but if it is allergy .. argggg its a curse

  14. I also have my share of regrets using/changing shower soaps. Which is why i always make sure the ones im using or will be using is hypoallergenic. Otherwise, i wont mind getting off the shower without soaping at all. LOL ;)

  15. The only thing that bothers me is wearing fancy accesories.
    My skin would only want to be touched by either, Gold, Silver, or few alloys or stainless steel.
    Anything that I wear otherwise that would stay for 4-8 hours would surely show skin irritation.
    Some of us have issues with allergies, I certainly wish I don't have them,
    I like to be dandy and flashy.. as always, thats my fashion statement.
    My body says otherwise.
    And oh, before I leave it..
    I love Likas Papaya... ive been using it for years and years now. :0

  16. I am using Likas Papaya and it really works :) But I don't believe that itchy hands means blessings hahaha

  17. thanks sa insights, ill try this out if this will have and effect for me :)

  18. Same reaction here when I used this glycerin soap, which was given as a promo item last december. I always knew that I had sensitive skin. Yet I dared try the peculiar smelling soap. I'm never deviating from my cetaphil wash again. Anyway, glad that you got your 'many returns'.. wonder if the itchy hand really

  19. well that was bad.. having itch is extremely painful since you can't scratch them to avoid further damage like bruises.. good thing you have finally found a cure.. I suggest that instead of scratching them, just rinse it with soap and cold water.. it makes it less itchy plus it gives you a better feeling.. :)

  20. a funny story my dear pinsa ...but it's also a lesson to be learned ..... maraming kasabihan di naman lahat totoo pero minsan it's just a coincidence lang talaga but better to believe din kasi di naman masama but one thing sure un tax refund mo darating talga un sau hehehe u really deserve it nagkataon lang na sa itchy days pumatak hehehehe....well try using din un suggestion ko sau no harmful effect naman un kasi herbal but make a trial test first ok malay mo it will be a better one for you lalo na sa face mo malaki mababago and u will build more self confidence sa beauty mo di ba hehehe ingat lang lagi ok.....ako what i did sa itchy issue is gawgaw un ang ginamot ko sa mga anak ko noon hehehe tipid di ba ....

  21. Itching skin or body parts is not good at all, it's annoying. Although elders says it's money coming in, I say, there is something really going on beneath that skin. Thanks for sharing your own cure or find about the itchy skin.

  22. They say if the right hand is itching it's money, if it's right it's letter but I am not sure. Sometimes we anticipated it so much because of the beliefs. hahaha But I guess we should be careful with the products we used as we might be allergic to them.

  23. Usually when I have itches, I used to replace everything from the mattress and wear black long sleeves.


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