Can't I really do it?!

The other day I just shouted out to the whole FB world how I will start eating veggies and fruits and commit to 30 minutes of walking!

Yesterday, guess what? My husband, Dennis, decided we will eat out in an eat-all-you-can place and he won’t take my no for an answer!

A friend committed to walking with me but at the last minute I’ve decided to take the car instead of carrying the laptop all the way to visit a sick friend.

Whatever happened to my commitment??? Oh yes, I ate veggies and fruits in the eat-all-you-can-place, I also ate all fried foods, high calorie foods, all meat and all sweets!!!

I never did get to walk for 30 minutes!

My first day was a total failure! Now, let’s assess. Is it because I counted my chicks before it was hatched? Should I just do it first and let no one know about it?

What’s happening???

Why is it that when one commits to something nothing happens?

Why do a lot of people, even with the best of intentions, fail???

Here’s a quick answer from Andy Dooley – VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT!!!

Whatever that is! Lol!

No, he actually makes sense. It is really simple too! 

FUN FACT: Everything that has ever shown up in your life and will ever show up in your life is because of the vibration your sending out to the Universe. 

He said it is vitally important for us to invest the time and money to get Vibrationally fit as a fiddle, and solve the manifesting riddle! Here’s how!
  • Activate your vibration to attract what you want in life
  • Learn how to tell the new transition story
  • Learn to STOP that negative train of thought
  • Develop laser beam FOCUS on the positive
  • Never let a negative emotion shut you down again
  • Learn to shift your vibration from negative to positive lighting fast and have FUN!

Mmmm, in simple words, I failed because I wasn’t 100% committed to doing it. 

Had I been 100% committed, I would have adamantly said NO to Dennis. Persisted to walk even if I carried the laptop to a sick friend and I would have succeeded in my goal on my first day. Right?

It was all me.

Andy may call it vibrational alignment. I call it commitment.

Thank God for second chances. I’ll do it tomorrow, promise! :)



  1. I say just do it, no quit, no excuses and it will eventually be a habit.

  2. That's why I stopped making new year's resolution because I would fail. Sigh! And until now I still didn't go to the gym to get fit and that was a promise I made just before holiday wahhh

  3. Don't give up, you can do it if you're really committed to living a healthy life. All it takes is practice and you'll get used to it sooner than expected :)

  4. Good food and healthy diet is important to our life. Just do it!

  5. the most difficult part of every endeavor is the beginning and enduring! it's never too late to start on your diet, just make sure that you don't starve yourself just to achieve your goal...Yahweh bless

  6. Every failure gives us another chance to make it right next time Sis :-) I am sure you can do it :-) Just be persistent and stick to your rule :-) Good luck :-)

  7. there's always a problem with resolutions there's a good chance that no one follows them after just a few weeks haha

  8. Do things for 21 days and it becomes a habit. So maybe start it a day at a time then after a time it becomes a habit.


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