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Living Without Internet

Last week, around 3pm, the internet connection of all Gallup, NM was cut. It was restored the next day.

Upon going home, I just found myself not rushed. There was nothing to do!

You see, here in America, there’s really not much to do, weird right? That is our case, anyway.

During weekdays we spend hours in school and then we go home. We spend most of our time in the internet, watching movies, playing net games (kids do that most) and then it’ll be time to sleep.  The routine changes on Friday nights and the whole weekend though.

But still, 95% of the time, we are all using the technology to while the time away.

Without the internet that night, I was just automatically freed to do whatever I want. As if a vacuum was created!

Suddenly, I had plenty of time!

We had plenty of time!

So that night, we all slept early! Lol!

Life isn’t the same anymore without the internet. I heard a lot of stories about what happened that night. No ATM’s, everyone was required to pay in cash in the grocery stores; gasoline stations. No one could use their credit cards!

Since we were all dependent on the internet, it kind of shook our tiny worlds!

It was a fiasco! Some people thought it was the end of the world! Lol!

We were fast asleep and grateful for the extra sleep! I was relieved too that the internet connection has been restored the next day.

What about you, can you live without the internet?

-day 246

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