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Redirecting Thoughts!

Sometimes, we forget to take control of our minds. There are times that we just do a lot of things out of habit. We do a lot of things unconsciously.

These days, whenever I find myself “thinking”, I am making sure I am thinking productive things. What will I do next?; What are my plans today?;How will I go about today’s activities?

If alone in the car, driving, I’d deliberately turn on the positive, encouraging radio station, since their kind of music is good for the soul. I could listen and know that it is all good.

As much as possible, I try not to think of negative or bad things. Why? Because I’ve proven that whenever I do that, it boomerangs on me! 

There was this one time when I felt so pissed off with my husband that my mind was just creating all these negative vibes! Asked what happened next? The more my husband got pissed off. I wasn’t even saying anything, it was all mind power, and it hasn’t done any good!

So I experimented the next time it happened, instead of getting pissed off, I tried to manipulate my mind into thinking of love, compassion and patience. In my mind, I just blessed him for the goodness of God is with him and I am grateful he’s with us. Guess what happened? Instant change! As if the angels took control of the situation.

I am sure, I was the one who changed and maybe, he was just attracted to my changing and that made him change too, in a way.

I know no one can change anyone! We can only change ourselves, and it worked!

Whenever I find myself “not thinking” I just automatically find myself singing, or praising God for His goodness.  As I operate my mind in gratefulness mode, beautiful things just seem to miraculously appear!

Maybe it’s just me and my thinking, but, I believe we do have the power to make things work for us – if we control our minds first.


-day 248

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