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Choosing Friends

A schoolmate of Mymy, my daughter, came to me and asked if Mymy is angry at her, I told her, "No, of course not." Mymy looked like she was not talking to her.

We met again the following day and she asked again if Mymy is angry at her. I told her, "No, she's just like that."

I decided to talk to Gem about what's happening. She said, "...because she always whines and complains a lot, I don't like that", she said, teary-eyed. 

I said, "So you don't like people who are whiners and complains a lot?" she said, "Yes". So I asked, "So, who are your other friends?", and she named them.

I told her, "It's still best to tell your friend what's happening. Tell her, I just want you to know that I don't like you whining and complaining anymore." She shrugged. I told her, "You need to do that, so she'll know, OK?", she nodded.

Our daughter, at 10, would choose to be on her own, more like my husband!, than play with friends (most of them are way younger than her, unfortunately).

But I admire her, at 10, she knows what she wants and she's mind of her own. 

I hope that quality of her continues for life. I hope she'll just remain positive, and know that yes, we don't need whiners and complainers. Instead we need people in our circle who would be proactive and do what needs to be done to make the situation favorable.

We can choose our friends, and we can also keep them for as long as we make them understand our stand on life. Otherwise, we can always let go and be ourselves.

.. and that's OK too.


-day 245

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