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Stop the DRAMA

Every person who shows up in our lives has something to teach us - and usually these are NOT the people who tell us good things; who appreciate us and who are kind to us - BUT people who irritate, anger and push our buttons.

I remember the saying, "He who angers you, controls you!" 

So, it won't help even if we run away and move someplace else! Because, until we learn the lesson, He/She, They, It will still be there in whatever form - to annoy and mess our lives! Lol!

They are our teachers! Our great teachers! 

I have my own great teacher too! Who is? My very own husband! Lol!

Well, it think we are soul mates, since he said I do the same to him! Lol!

But then really, sometimes we need to pick our battles. 

Until we master self-control, patience and tolerance, I guess, we will always have reasons to get angry, annoyed, irritated and sometimes it's not about the other person, but about how we are feeling deep inside. 

Come to think of it, if we are at peace, accepting and loving, I am sure we will be feeling otherwise. Right? 

Nobody could hurt us without our permission. But if we are, then there's a lesson there.We may need to learn, heal from it or recognize its existence.

Bottom line: We will all see the purpose of the experience and we will all learn the lesson in time. 

I just hope and pray that it happens soon, so we won't have as much drama or "tele-novelas" with our lives.


-day 242

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