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Wazzz up!!!

I have become a busy bee!

First, I am now baking! See my pandesal and banana bread! (click the link for proof, Lol!)

Second, I now plan a menu for the week. Yes, I cook and prepare the food. I have delegated some washing of dishes to Mymy, our eldest, and some cooking (like a meal or two) to my husband. Otherwise, we can just always eat my home-made bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Lol!

Third, I continue to blog. 

Fourth, I continue to browse and join threads in facebook.

Last but not the least - I registered two online courses this Fall! - Math for Teachers (Precalculus) and Chemistry!

It is overwhelming!!!

I have to give up something for sure OR I have to start budgeting and scheduling my time so I could do what needs to be done productively!!!

I am still not sure what is to give up. All seem important to me. 

First, cooking is not really my hubby's forte. It is not my forte too, but hey, we need to eat! Lol! (One thing we don't have here is household help; we have to do it all on our own!)

Second, I want to process my mind first, that's why I have to write it all down. (A must to keep me on track! BUT, it is eating my time!!!)

Third, to keep my blog in it's rank I need to join threads. (Either I forego this one but oh my!)

Fourth, I need a grade of  A or B in the online courses that I took, no excuses!

I've really have no where to go but make miracles with my schedule, my priorities and everything in between!

Oh, plus, I want to sleep by 11:30! Oh my! It's 1:00am already!!!! Wahhhhh

My life's exciting! Lol! :)


-day 220

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