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On Technology and Cost Efficiency

Here's the top 3 online services to help your business needs! Check it out!

Technology and Cost-Efficiency – The Dynamic Duo Your Business Needs

The key to keeping a business intact, running smoothly and generating the expected financial results is twofold – technology and cost-efficiency. The right technology is sure to fire up a business, but without cost-efficiency, the business is like a plane running on a single engine. It can keep running for a time, but it will have to perform an emergency landing eventually. On that note, here are three online services to consider when finding that technology and cost-efficiency balance:

Because of intense competition among low-cost carriers in the airline industry, looking for the best and cheapest airfare deals has become a little too complicated, forcing deal hunters to go from one airline site to another to single out the deal that fits into his travel and budget needs. This is because airlines no longer pitch their promotional offers to price-comparison sites. Instead, they encourage their consumers to visit their corporate websites and/or partner sites, which can be time-consuming, to say the least., a meta search engine, is a one-stop online address that aggregates cheap airfare data from 728 individual airline websites and hundreds of ticket and flight sites, significantly reducing the time and energy it would normally take an individual to find the cheapest airfare deals he's on the lookout for. These deals are available to a consumer only if purchased from an airline's own corporate site. JetRadar also provides listings for hotels.

Finding the most relevant name for a business or a domain for a website may be an exercise in futility if most of the good ones have already been taken. With a marketplace offering almost the same products and services and an online world that's teeming with millions and millions of .com and .net addresses, you most definitely have the knack for naming if you come up with something that instantly clicks and holds promise on your own. But what if you're not one in a million, just a regular unlucky dude who has already spent nights and nights without sleep for that one elusive name or domain that you know will catapult your brand to success? Branding agencies can do magic, but they can burn a hole in your pocket as well. is an online naming service that taps into a crowdsourcing pool of 50,000+ registered contributors from around the world to come up with names, domains and slogans that are catchy, unique, relevant and easy-to-remember, qualities that are sure to differentiate a brand in an otherwise saturated marketplace. To receive suggestions from this diverse team of people, simply register with the site, pay $50 for a domain or name (or $75 if it's a slogan you need) and list down your naming specifications. If no suggestion fits into your criteria, you can ask for your money back, making the service risk-free.

It has been said time and time again, efficiency is key to longevity. This is why most businesses nowadays employ the use of productivity tools to streamline their processes, provide accurate data whenever they're needed and lighten the load on their workforce. Oftentimes, however, these tools are too costly for a small business owner to even think about. is an enterprise collaboration and communications tool that is absolutely free for small businesses with 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 is your all-in-one workspace combining disparate tools such as free CRM, free activity planner, free workforce management, free file sharing, free real-time viewing and many other awesome features. Also, the application is cloud-based, meaning, there is no need for installation and can be accessed anywhere via a browser or a smartphone, allowing you to take your virtual workstation anywhere you please. An upgrade to unlimited users costs $99 per month.

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