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Dennis and Gardening

I admire Dennis, my husband. Well, because of the photos in Facebook, I am sure you already know how skillful he is! He's totally my opposite! 

What amazes me too is how he can plant something, anything, and it will grow. I also do the opposite! Lol!

Maybe, there are really people who has "green thumb" and others who has not. (what do you think? lol)

You see, he dreams of having his own farm lot someday, well, maybe our backyard (hehe), where he’ll grow herbs, flowering plants, trees!

Back in New Orleans where we stayed for 4 years he planted chayote, melons, and other vegetables – and I was informed that up to now, it is still alive and producing!

Here in New Mexico, he tried growing vegetables too, but with the heat of summer and since we are staying in an apartment, he is limited as to what he can do.

Maybe someday, he’ll make his dream come true. For the meantime, while browsing the net about gardening, I have found this website The Growers Exchange – where gardeners go to grow!

They grow farm fresh herb plants and more!

Their farm is located on 600 acres in Virginia, along the banks of the James River, America's founding river.

They grow their herb plants using healthy practices; they ship their plants in finest quality and have built an entire collection of custom designed herb garden kits and herb garden gifts that you won't find anywhere else. They also offer innovative and attractive gardening accessories and gifts!

Happy to note how the universe would just make one's dream a reality, via people who has been there, did it and succeeded!

Dennis will continue to grow plants and dream on having his farm.. and who knows it would be as big as the one in Virginia!

Happy times!


-day 193


  1. I also have wondered about my mother in gardening.Whatever she grows it always grows well. I too tried it sometimes but not got succeeded well. When i asked my mother about it, she said that only experience and knowledge could help you in achieving the success. She asked me to keep on trying until i succeed.

  2. i wish I had a green thumb like your husband hehe


  3. Wow great crops! Ang galing naman! He's really good with gardening (and how about plantation in the near future?) Just dropping by today! Regards and God bless!


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