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No FB this week!

This coming week will be another busy week for us.

I won't be spending much time on Facebook and networking but will still be checking emails and maybe blogging. This week I would like to spend my extra time not on computers but on books.

My plan is to read the book Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams. This is a book I bought a long time ago, but never really had  the time to read it seriously. So I guess, it is about time!


So at the end of this week, I will have at most 14 blog posts overdue or maybe written - still not sure! Oh my! Unless, an inspiration will spark out of reading the book -I will just write away! Lol!

It's all computers for me. My life revolves around this machine. As if something's missing if I don't open one. This has got to change! At least this week!
The funny thing is we will be taking Computer and Science Teaching this week, and we are supposed to assemble a desktop computer! - Still computers! Lol!

Well, it's been decided, at least this week, no Facebook and networking. I will focus on things that also matter.

1) Teach Kiddos!
2) Movie Nights with Dennis.
3) Read Books.
4) Meditation and Spiritual Time.
5) Writing Time.

So there goes my plan this week.

PLUS! PLUS!- sleeping at exactly 10:30pm!
OK.. maybe 1 hour a day of Facebook? Lol!

Keeping my fingers crossed!


-day 200

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