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Gemma's Books on Amazon

Etc. Spaghetti Brain!

Tomorrow is our last day for the Computer and Science Teaching class. Happy to be bringing home a brand new desktop computer free from the course!

The promise I made to myself about not using Facebook anymore didn't push through. Oh my! talk about computer and Facebook addiction!!!

School starts in two weeks, I can't believe summer is almost over!

I had a blast this summer though, started a lot of new things, learned a lot too! 

Next week. I know I have to set new goals for this SY 2012-2013, replace activities with some activities and add some to my bucket and wish list.

I'll continue with my 365 day project. I have a lot of backlogs!!! I have to make up for all that too, maybe, hopefully, next week.

As for right now, I've nothing to do. Bored to do anything. Well, it's 10:30 sleeping time already, so I guess, I'll call it a night.

Sweet dreams!

-day 203

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