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What Reading and Believing Can Do!

My husband prodded that I watch the movie he was watching at Netflix. He said, I will learn a lot on how I could help our kids become intelligent.

I told him, sure, I'll do that later.

He changed computers and used the big screen in watching instead. He persisted, "Join me in watching the movie, you'll see how he became so intelligent!!!"

I told him, ok, then start it over.

It is uncommon of him to start a movie over, and yet he did!

It was a light bulb moment!

Just after watching a few parts of the movie, I called Mymy, told her, she won't be using her computer anymore, until she reads a book and make a book review on it; and until she spells words correctly; and she will only use the computer for two hours max a day!

After watching a few more parts. I called both my kids again and dictated for them to stop playing games in their Ipad already, go to their beds and read a book. NOW!

That was how the movie pushed me to action!

"You have the world inside your head. You just have to open it up, and find it!" - Ben's mom
"You can do anything, anyone else can do. Only you can do it better." - Ben's mom

In the movie, which is a real life story, his mom seemed to just knew the right words to say, she couldn't even read, a drop out at third grade and yet her words were powerful!

Tell me something, why did you decide to become a brain doctor?

Ben Carson: The brainits a miracle. Do you believe in miracles. Not a lot of doctors do. There isn’t a lot of faith among physicians. We study reports, it’s all very tangible. But the fact is there are so many things we just can’t explain. I believed we are all capable of performing miracles, up here (points to head). We are blessed with astonishing gifts and skills. Look at Handel. I mean, how can he come up with The Messiah in only 3 weeks. (pointing to head again) This is the key. The source of inspiration for unbelievable accomplishments.

I thank God for you, Dr. Ben Carlson.

Now, where are my kids???

-day 160

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