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On Separation and Divorce

My mind is wandering ..

What comes around, goes around really.

I was taken aback when my cousin shouted out  "why continue a commitment with someone, when you know that it wouldn’t last" point taken as she was coming from her own experience..

And made me ask myself too.. yeah why continue a commitment.. as we speak of marriage.. Do we continue to be married if along the way

            a) there are too many personality differences?

            b) quarrels, misunderstanding, fights can’t seem to be over?

            c) immaturity and insensitivity continues to take over?

Marriage entails all.. sacrifice, commitment, maturity, forgiveness, understanding, patience,, care and love.. For sure one would hold on to his/her last breath to save a marriage.. In the first place it has been decided upon.. And yet.. yup too many issues and talks involved!

What about the children??

- Do we take them into consideration? When you know the more they will be affected if both cannot impart love that should be there in the first place?

-For how long do we sacrifice personal happiness for children’s sake?

As given a fact that we are accountable and responsible for them.. we too, are responsible and accountable for our own happiness right? And we cannot give what we do not have… Ohhh never realized how complicated it may get..

She said “why continue a commitment with someone, when you know that it wouldn’t last" funny, how along a married life, the excitement of the wedding,, the first born, .. in your heart in time you’ll feel it wont last! But if love is a decision, I guess despite the feeling, you won’t entertain it.. or in one way or another entertain it and then fix it.. communication being the key.. the problem lies if one doesn’t want to communicate at all… guess there’s more to this than these!

There may be reasons personal to the ones involved.. and probably simply I do hope one would get to know his purpose for living .. and maturely face responsibilities no matter what.. and commit to the commitment made… hard fact to face but as one friend also blurted out "life does not always turn out the way you planned it".

And if whatever comes around, goes around.. let there be no blames, no unnecessary comments, no unsolicited advice.. but simply understanding, respect, care and prayers. And personally hope too, that whatever may come around, will simply be as simple as a television - drama scene that we can switch off and or change channels anytime... and we know there is more than  meets the eye.

-day 161
love bites

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