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To Camp or not to camp!

I signed up on a 10-day all expenses paid camping trip to study Survey of Geology. We are to travel and camp at New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado National Parks. It is set this July.

Now, I am in panic mode and having second, third and tenth thoughts!!! Why?

1. I have not been to any camping trips here in the USA.
2. It would have been easy, safer and  comfortable if I will be with a Filipino, any Filipino, stranger, friend, co-teacher, just a Filipino.
3. I do not know what is in store for me!
4. I am not even teaching Geology class! Will I be able to pull this off?
5. I will only have showers every other day!
6. I do not know who the other students will be! 
7. I will miss my family- that is 10 days non-stop of travel, hiking and camping.
8. It'll be 10 days of nose-bleed!!!! OMG!
9. It'll be rainy in the afternoons in July! I'll get wet!!!
10. I am thinking of dropping the course really!!!

I am in real panic mode. FEAR. I fear right? 

Instead of looking at a great opportunity to learn, travel to beautiful national parks and learn about rock layers and layering and insights to the history of the earth!

Enjoy the stars in the darkness of the night, sleep in sleeping bags and share a tent with a person I do not know for 10 days!

Eat, walk, study, sleep and enjoy it with a group of students not my race! Savor God's creation and nature and welcome life's adventure and experience more!

I'm totally NOT focusing on the positives instead, I am getting apprehensive about all this!!!

Deep breath! Either I take it this year or not, I'll still need to take this course no matter what, since it is a prerequisite course! Oh my!

Where art thou my adventurous self go?

Should I go for it or back out?

-day 155


  1. It is indeed scary but I believe at the same time would be full of thrill and adventure.

  2. camping is an exciting activity!!!

  3. Relax. You should be fine. I'm sure the camp master would be ready for first time campers like you.

  4. just try in your backyard first... then further... if you do fine, then i think your ready. think of it as fun, and worry free, those officiating will be ready for anything. Yahweh bless.

  5. I experienced it when i was in high school though. But, not the real camping's as in extreme camping.

  6. oh my that's exciting.. for me. yeah I understand how scared you are but you can do it! relax, you will realize later on that it wasn't that bad.. ;) goodluck!

  7. If this is a pre-requisite,
    then you have no other choice
    but to take it... whether you
    LIKE it or... you really have to like it!


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