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Being "LIKED" in the Workplace.

Older Woman: "Come here, I have to tell you something..."
Me: "What is?"
Older Woman: "You know, he is not liked. Nobody likes him." (referring to one of the bosses)
Me: "Mmmm..."
Older Woman: "Yeah, like 5 people told me that!"
Me: "Mmmm.."
Older Woman: "You don't know right? because nobody tells you, but I am telling you because I like you.. and you need to be wary..."

Is being "liked" in the workplace important?

I am not really into "people should like me" thing. In the workplace, as long as I do my work and do my work well, then that is fine. How I deal with people, though, also matters - nope, it matters a lot!

I know I won't be able to please all, and for sure the one (boss) being mentioned, knows that too! 

He is simply doing his work, and he is doing his work well. He may not be liked because he wants things done and some people doesn't like that. 

Some doesn't want to be bossed around because they thought they are their own bosses too; some wouldn't want to follow his lead, because they thought they know better. Some are just lazy too, and if they get reprimanded, they would make things personal.

Well, I guess, it doesn't really matter what world you live in, 1st world or 3rd world, people are just the same.

We may ALL need to review our Work Ethics again.


-day 154

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