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Million Dollars

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will. - Nelson Mandela

(I’m not a guru, I'm not an expert but here is my answer to the following question...)

"If you win a million dollars, will you quit your job?" 

 Winning a million dollars will definitely achieve my money goal (see Outside the Box for related story)...  

... will I quit my job? 


I love my job (I was an inclusion teacher 6 months ago, now I'm facilitating IEPs in three of the district's schools - see Believing is Seeing for the story) and I thank God for the opportunity!(... and yes, money won't be able to buy it too :)) 

... for sure I will be very enthusiastic, over-to-the-top-glad and super-duper-elated to have the money -the million dollars OMG!!! - to save, to invest, to use and to give :)     

(Best if as I am writing my thoughts here, millions of dollars are on its way to the palm of my hands LOL!)

What about you? Will you quit your job?

-day 51-


  1. I think I will never quit my job. It's the best job in the world.. being a full-time mom!! :)

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog. Happy weekend!

  2. For me, it's not so much about quitting my job. I'd say I'd continue working, whether in my present job or in another. I'd still want to be productive, be useful to society (assuming that I am useful now, hehe), and apply my skills and talent. Definitely I won't just sleep all day and party all night, maybe on weekends lang. :))

  3. Yes definitely because I would want to do something that I truly love :) call center is something I can do but not something that I truly love.

  4. if I win a million dollar I will travel the world , money won't create success happiness will . If you are happy in every aspect of your life you are successful ^-^ - akane

  5. I probably would quit my job and put up my own school. haha! On second thought, i'll surely miss teaching kasi baka malunod ako sa business side and paper works don. haha.:)

  6. i'm a full time mom so if ever i have 1 million dollar, i will open a small business and travel the world. =)

  7. Nope, I will not quit my job. I'll use the million dollars for my family. :)

  8. I won't quit my job, that's for sure. The joy of working in place where people are you friends is something money can't buy too.


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