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Dennis, the Great!

Thursdays are for GREAT PEOPLE in my life!




Today, I am featuring my husband, Dennis!

Since he's in an H4 visa. 

He keeps himself busy as he taps into his own creativity and ingenuity!

He is creating something out of scrap wood from neighbor's trash! (could be former bed support, cabinet, pallets, etc)

Making him the wood garbage collector.. and our house full of scrap wood!hehe

look at the bible holder/ created Jan. 2010
finished product :)

his very first project - all from neighbor's trash! (2009)
scrap wood turned kids' designer chairs (2010)

shopping cart-turned-rolling-study-table (2010)
our former grocery/laundry cart turned stroller! - especially made for mountain climbing at the Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN. (2009)
old study table turned headboard (2012)
former folding bed turned clothes rack (2009)

Whilst, we are undeniably opposites…

You love to work with your hands, I would rather read.
You create things out of crap, I would rather write.
You make productive use of your time, I do too, right? :)
You're my exact opposite… and

I thank God for you! 

Thank you for being part of my life!  


 -day 49-

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