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Shalom, The Goddess!

I met her when we were applying in Manila, Philippines.

 I happened to sit beside them (she was with friends) for a few minutes 
and she just started to talk as if we knew each other! 

We saw each other again in New Orleans, and SHE started the conversation again! 

In my mind, I was like, "who is she?!!"

And then I got to know her.

She is Shalom. She calls herself, THE GODDESS.

She Speaks her mind.

She Highlights her life with laughter!

She Allows love and kindness to take over.

She Loves to spread happiness!

She Overwhelms me with her wisdom!

She Mesmerizes people with her beauty, charm and wittiness!

She is Shalom.

Here are her best SHALOMIDOM in my blog posts.
"Happiness is a choice and I choose it everyday and forever" on lessons learned

"if chance is the only thing we have and a choice that we have to take if it's written in the stars and the universe conspire who am I to deny my own destiny"  on Destiny: A matter of . . . ?

"you are what you feed in your mind" on Powerful Thoughts!

 "To give without condition;  to sacrifice without asking in return is to have a blessed heart" on Gem Answers #2

"My motto ever since do what ever makes you happy, be with someone who can make you smile , laugh as long as you breathe and love as long as you live" on Yes to Life!:)

"It's up to us if we will choose to be happy or sad everyday . Don't choose to be miserable, misery loves company that's why be with someone who can you make smile ^-^ and live each day with laughter and humor it's one of the best antidote for everything" on Act As If! 


Shalom, just wait and see... REAL love will find you!

Thank you for being part of my life!  


-day 69-

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