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To thine own self be true!


Last January 8, 2012,I challenged myself to lose weight!

 Determined, inspired and committed, I was able to lose 9 lbs in a month.

See my results after a month (February 8, 2012) here.

I was still eating 3x a day, still with rice (just less), meat (chicken, pork, beef), fish and veggies. 
Fruits, nuts and pop corns during break times and I exercise!

The problem is, I need to keep up, I need to continue!!! 

I have 10 more pounds to lose and I am faltering!!!

All fattening foods just taste good!

Look at all these Filipino foods!... 

How can one resist eating these without RICE and more RICE!!!???




How will I be able to control myself from eating and eating and eating??

The thinking part of me says "We live only once, enjoy!"
The emotional part of me says "Be happy! Life is meant for happiness! Food makes you happy!"
The spiritual part of me says "Those who won't work, won't eat. You work, you eat!
The physical part of me says "Love your body, who else will? Love your fats!!!"

Oh my!

Temptations justified.

Unless I decide and commit, I will always make excuses!

Not good.


-day 68-

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