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It has been a long time since I’ve been a go-between, but it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so why not?

Peep into our conversation:

ME 12:27 PM

ola!.. and here he comes with a letter... asking me to type, instead of giving the letter to you! lol!
here goes...

SHE 12:30 PM
oh no. not a letter

ME 12:31 PM

Dear SHE,

What worthy gift could an ordinary guy such as myself give to a person like you. 

If I were to offer you a rose, it would only be pale and wilt next to your radiance.

If it were possible to grab a star from the heavens and lay it before you, it would only dim and die from the embarrassment of not being to match the gleam in your eyes.

An expression loses its effect when translated. I'm afraid -must be used at this time:
Tu eres mas hermosa que todas las estrellas en el sielo. – From HE

*No need to run. It's only what every other man is thinking that I dare to say. Excuse my impudence. 

If there was anything written that was offensive, my apologies. 

Please let me know if this is so and there will be no further indiscretions.

ME 12:32 PM
... OMG!!! lol!

SHE 12:33 PM
wow! true poetry! I have never had anyone say something that nice. He wins!

Tell him thanks...that made my life!

ME 12:35 PM
will do! lol

ME 12:39 PM
he said you made his day! lol!

SHE 12:39 PM
that is sweet!

Tu eres mas hermosa que todas las estrellas en el sielo –
You are more beautiful than all the stars in the sky.”

What a real romantic! This will definitely make my day too! LOL!


-day 58-

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