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Admitting Error clears the Score, And proves you Wiser than before.
- Arthur Guiterman


"Tell us about grammatical errors in writing.."


Honestly, at times, I will just write and write and unfortunately, 
fail to be consistent with my grammatical tenses! 

For example, if my story covers the past, then, 
I have to make sure that ALL my verbs including my to-be verbs are ALL written in the past tense. *rules are rules, right?!

BUT sometimes I will really just publish a blog post 
without really going in-depth proofreading! 

After a while, I will read it again and EDIT mistakes.

Yeah, not a good practice at all!

RESOLUTION:Double check, double check, double check, prior to publishing!

… and THANKS to readers who are not very “Grammar-MUST-be-correct!” conscious for “simply” understanding  what I am talking about and hopefully still getting the message!

… for  my “Grammar-MUST-be-correct!” conscious readers, 
I am very open and will really appreciate comments or emails 
on errors and fixes –and I will definitely edit ASAP!!!

… for  those who don't care about grammatical tenses and perfect construction at ALL, yet still enjoy my posts...
Thank you!(*hugs!)

My Dailies (365 days project) will be two months old 
this Feb. 12, 2012 and at this time Feb. 10, 2012 11:32pm
My Dailies' got 10,000 page views!


 I delight knowing that I am "hopefully" 
enlightening your path in my own way through my Daily Gems 
-with or without grammatical errors! :)

Thanks again for reading and following My Dailies!


-day 59-

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