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Yes to Life!:)

"Life,"  Leo Buscaglia author of Living, Loving and Learning wrote, "is not a trip in itself. 

It's not a goal. 

It's a process. 

You get there step by step by step by step. 

And if every step is wondrous, and every step is magical, that's what life will be. 

And you'll never be one of those people who reach the point of death without missed a thing. 

Don't look over other people's shoulders. 

Look in their eyes. 

Don't talk at your children. 

Take their faces in your hands and talk to them. 

Don't make love to a body, make love to a person. 

And do it now. 

Because that moment doesn't last forever. 

It's fast disappearing, and it'll never come again. 

And most of us spend our lives crying over past moments. 

Too late! 

But there are still a million more to come."

I've no more words... time to DO.

What about you?


-day 35-

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