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“Momai!!! When I woke up, I was sleeping on the floor!!!” 

Mimoi (our youngest, calls me Momai (pronounced as Mamay)) shouted when he saw me early this morning.

I said, “What?”, he said, with too much passion this time, “When I woke up, I was sleeping on the floor!!!” 

So, I walked to their room and true enough, the chairs that would supposedly block him from falling out of bed were turned upside down, and beside it were his pillow and blanket.

Our kids share a double deck bed, Mimoi is using the top bed, but since he was so persistent that he wanted to share bed with her sister last night, I told him, "That’s what you get from wanting to sleep beside your sister, Mymy is big and tall!"

Upon getting what just transpired into his system, he cried and cried, he just felt so bad, he said, “Mymy’s mean to me!” and cried some more…

Well, tonight, guess who’s sleeping in the same bed? AGAIN?

BUT this time, they switched sides!

It reminds me now how we learn at our own pace and time.

Sometimes, no matter how we present a solution to a problem, no matter how we want to help another, no matter how we persist our ideas… unless one is ready… one will never learn… yet!

BUT the moment, we open ourselves to change, growth or infinite possibilities… then God (or the universe or life…) begins to support us.

And then… we are never the same again! :)


-day 34-

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