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Why, why. why???

People are motivated by different things. We even have our secret motivations!

When I left my very first job in Lucena as a teacher, my deep-in-my-heart motivation why I wanted to leave was to find a boyfriend! Really! LOL!

When I found my boyfriend, my next deep-in-my-heart motivation why I was faithful in my relations with him, was for him to become my husband! (Makes sense? Right?!)

When I married him, my next next deep-in-my-heart motivation why I was and continues to hold on to the relationship (with it’s REAL-LIFE ups and downs, ACTUAL differences and THEY-NEVER-TOLD-ME marriage secrets) was and is because of my commitment to him and to God.

Over the weekend, as I was mentioning my blog to friends, a blurt came “So, how much money are you earning from writing your blogs?” “What motivates you in doing it?”, “Self-gratification?”

Mmmm… real-thought provoking questions. (Let's just talk about marriage secrets... next time! LOL!)

How much money are you earning from writing your blogs?- “OK. I’ve started in 2006 in Friendster Blogs migrated to Wordpress Blogs in 2009 and then just last year, full-time in this blog site.

In Stories of My life I’ve written “no one will read this blog anyway.. this will be like a diary for my own eyes only hehehe” and “I would like this blog to simply be a place where I can just write my thoughts…” only to be commented upon by a good friend and mentor Len of Conversations with Self  “What do you mean no one knows about this? Wrong! Hahahaha! People will find out about your blog no matter what. It's a public domain, LOL! You're a funnychick.”

So much about just plain diary idea! LOL!

Now about making money? Mmm… interesting, I think I should follow this advise :“why not just go straight into a novel? -C. W. ??!!! THAT will earn me money! LOL!

I haven’t fully learned the trade yet!!! About time, huh?

For sure, I’ll be documenting the steps here! LOL!

So the answer is NO, I am not earning, not yet!

What motivates you in doing it? – “I have always believed in the power of the written word.”

Now I have started eating healthy because I have written and I am committed to my 90 Day Challenge, join me?

I would not sleep unless I’ve written something… before I’d only write a post 2x in a month, during the pre-menstrual and post-menstrual periods, LOL! But now, I am able to do it every day!

I thank God (or the Universe, or whatever you call Him) for the inspiration...

I thank you! (if you happen to read this) for the page views! 5000 page views in one month!!! (could be wrong statistics! LOL! –check out the bottom right, for TOTAL PAGEVIEWS) and

I thank people God sends me (and you are one of them) for continuously telling me (directly and indirectly) to keep on doing what I am doing.

Yes, it may be self-gratification. To sleep at 1:30am just to post something, to be excited to see if people viewed the page and to be in communication everyday with my inner self.

“To expose feelings is to risk showing your true self.
To place your ideas and your dreams before the crowd is to risk being called a naïve.
To try is to risk failure"- William Ward

I RISK and I love doing that!

Simply because, my favorite author Leo Buscaglia in his book Living, Loving and Learning said

”Risk must be taken, because the greatest risk in life 
is to risk nothing!
The person who risks nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.
Only the person who risks is truly free.” 

Now, that’s a good motivation!

What about you? What motivates you in doing what you are doing right now?

Is it time to risk? 

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-day 33-

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