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What's in it for me?

Following Gem Answers #2 about real giving, is my controversial “What’s in it for me?” message.

I have yet to learn to generously give without expecting anything in return. I have yet to learn to be motivated in doing things, with 100% unselfish intentions, with no excuses, no explanations, no justifications, no side-comments, but simply because I LOVE.

I have yet to move forward from admiring to actualizing admirable traits of Mother Theresa and the persons in my lifetime who are able to give without counting the cost, who are able to sacrifice for a friend, family and even strangers, who are able to love unconditionally.  

BEST yet, to really recognize, appreciate and be really grateful for God’s outpouring blessings upon me and my family and the people He has sent to teach me to love and be real generous without “What’s in it for me?” thinking.


Simple, right? And we know it too? But do we really?

Reading Thomas Willhite's Living Synergistically,he said “Obtaining peace is as simple as this: Give peace and you will receive peace.”

Not simple at all because if we will check our lives in terms of what we are RECEIVING, we would know by what we are GIVING, right?

If we give peace and love (meaning, we don’t judge, curse, resent, hate) to everyone we know and meet, we will receive peace and love in return (NOT hatred, cruelty, bitterness, hostility and anger).


I pray that we will all let love come into our lives – LOVE FOR ALL. No judgments, no exceptions, no excuses, no explanations, no side-comments, just pure LOVE. May we all dispose of all hate and anger in our lives and replace it with warmth, forgiveness and acceptance. May we learn from each other and support one another in achieving this. I know, it is not easy but yes, it can be done, one experience at a time, one step at a time, as we imitate Jesus’ grace, mercy and love. Amen.

-day 31-

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