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Negative People

C a T c H  m y  T h O u G h T s !

(I’m not a guru, I'm not an expert, but here is my answer to this scenario...)

A friend confronts you and tells you that according to PEOPLE 
you are like this (NEGATIVE 1) and like that (NEGATIVE 2), how will you respond?

My response will be to ask, “What about you, do you feel the same way?” 

This way we can start a conversation, we can communicate.
" Let me know you, let me know your thoughts about me… 
Let us not talk about what OTHERS are saying about me… 
let’s just talk about you and me". 

This way, we can settle whatever differences we have and work on our relationship.

I’ve learned early in life that I will never ever be able to please everyone; 
there will always be people saying something good and something bad about me,
not that they don’t matter because they do, especially if there is something to learn that I may have missed 
or until now, has not learned yet.  

The thing is we ­­can always choose our battle, learn our lessons and move on.

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-day 24-

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