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The Challenge!

Back to Reality August 9, 2009 by Gigi

I am on the verge of becoming overweight! I now weigh 155 lbs! Prior to leaving the Philippines I was only 120plus lbs! And that was only 2 years ago! I need to do a lot of tummy tucking now.. otherwise I will always be tagged as pregnant!hahaha

I am giving myself one month to lose at least 20 lbs of this weight! I don’t know if it is doable but I am giving it a try. My weight plan? ummmm…. ummm… umm ok will just tell you after a month! hehehe


I wrote this in 2009; 2 years and 4 months later, I am of the same weight!!!

Back to Reality Part II   January 7, 2012

Friends here in Gallup, NM have started with Friday Nights' Hip Hop Abs Class!!! Well, I was absent on its initiation date which was last Dec. 30, 2011!

BUT, I was there yesterday (our 2nd session), excited to sweat! 

My weight before jumping in: 153lbs
Weight after 60 minutes of class: 152.5lbs
Weight after eating what was in the table: 155lbs

Great Job! Lol!

But I am now determined! So today at 9am, I was with friends and joined the one hour Starlette Dance Studio’s Zumba class. 


Oh my, with the work out, I am sure I’ll NOT eat again! That was the longest one hour of my life!!! It was a real good sweat!!! Never had that much sweat since coming here!!!

So, we’ll do it again.

Stumbled upon this nice website and here are what I found, which I know, I know, but I just know and knowing isn't doing me any good!... time to apply! :)

It is actually our FOOD CHOICES that make us gain weight! Not calories, not overeating and not lack of activity or exercise! 

The solution: EAT THE RIGHT WAY

Our Enemies! (foods that are preventing us in burning fats)
1.    Sugar (including “healthy-claimed” foods like “healthy” cereals, low fat muffins, orange juice, whole wheat bread, salad dressings, granola, high fructose corn syrup, processed soy products and “healthy” yogurts)
2.    FatS – hydrogenated oils, canola and vegetable oil, margarine and substitute fake butter products
3.    Carbs that will not help (whole wheat bread or any bread, pasta, cereals, crackers)
4.    Processed Foods (all packaged snacks, microwavable meals, "diet" health bars and soy products)


          1.      Rice (Millet, Quinoa), Sprouted Grain Bread, Spelt, Sweet Potatoes (with a little butter and cinnamon)
2.      All fruits and vegetables! (no limit!)
3.      Eat the right kind of fat and you’ll burn fat! - real butter, whole eggs, extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, raw nuts
4.      Food that contain not much processing but only one ingredient – steak, chicken, fish 
5.    Just drink WATER!!! Skip the sodas, juices and ANY other drink - JUST WATER throughout the day!

Join me in my 90-day challenge!

Jan. 8 - Feb 8 - 30th day
Feb. 8 - Mar. 8 - 60th day
Mar. 8 - April 8 - 90th day
   Weight Goal:  136lbs


What's your weight goal?

-day 25-

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