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Powerful Thoughts!

When we let go, and let God. 
Miracles happen!

Mimoi was one year old at that time, he had just celebrated his 1st birthday without Dennis, my husband. Dennis was in a contract to work as a seaman for another 9 months so he missed it – just as he missed Mymy’s birthdays too!

So, from then on, every night I’d think of a way to make our family life work. I love my independence and the financial blessings (he was a seaman, remember?) but we already have two kids! 

The only solution I could think of was migration,
but since I was not sure how it will happen, 
I just let it be. I LET GOD.

But, I also did what I thought would help me! Since I am  a visual learner, I posted dollar photos in our room! 


I would recite affirmations everyday like 
“I am abundant", 
I am rich in dollars!” 

I even kept a dollar bill and a dollar coin in my wallet, just to attract it!

Funny too, but every time, Mimoi's yaya* would ask where I was going (whenever I had to go errands), my response was always “To America, want to join me?”, it was like an everyday thing that when it finally happened, she was not surprised anymore! Lol!

Our thoughts are powerful. Whatever we think of , 
whatever we create in our minds,
whatever our minds can conceive,

if we believe, it will achieve! 

Like a miracle! :)

-day 23-

*yaya - someone who helps take care of a baby; a baby sitter

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