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Love Matters!

Change is happening this week!
Mondays are all about HEALTH MATTERS – Welcome to Healthy Mondays!
Tuesdays are all about MONEY MATTERS – Welcome to Wealthy Tuesdays!

And Wednesdays will be all-about- Love


Love Matters Wednesdays

Every Wednesday I plan to write about

*tips and tricks in finding the man of your dreams! (this is fun!)
*how to keep the love alive amongst lovers (yes, this is fun, fun!)
*how to keep your man happy, and not lose your sanity! (LOL!)

*your tips and tricks in finding the man of your dreams!
*how you kept the love alive between you and your man
*how you kept your man happy and how you did not lose your sanity! (LOL!)

YES!, I will be needing your help in this section!!!

and I bet this will be the most fun of all days!

Watch out for it! Nope.. not just watch! 

Please do share some lovin’ with me every Wednesday, if you may? 

If you have any tips and tricks about love,
how you manage love and relationships,
how you found the love of your life stories...

please send it to my email: 
or better yet... share some tips here in the comments section!

Many will learn from your insights for sure!


See you again Wednesday!

Sending you love with all my heart. :)


-day 42-


  1. i'm not a love expert or a guru , i think as long as we are living we will continue to love , but the question is how long will you love each other the boredom will come , the pain will come and happiness along the way it's part of life . If you read a book it's called lovestruck love mo sya sure ka ba ? it's a funny book about love my siblings called it the bible of love it has a 7 signs of fake love . When my grandmother passed away and the priest told us, nowadays can we find such kind of love? they were together for 62 yrs. I think for me that is love . If you only love one person in your lifetime that is a gift when I was in college my prof. already counsel me about marriage coz he thinks I will get married early so he talked to me one on one in the cafeteria it's funny he said in ASAWA it means aASA ka , magSASAWA ka , maAAWA ka then maWAWAla na but in the end if you can put up with it then good luck for you . Ang malamig kapag tumatagal umiinit at ang mainit kapag tumatagal lumalamig . If you wanna feel love eat chocolates my faves no wonder i'm always blooming we he he . Emotion sometimes can move you to heaven but when this emotions collide it's hell .

  2. cool, this is a good plan , I never plan anything in blogging just come what is on my mind

  3. Nice! I sometimes got the urge of posting when I see what's with the com ex daily topic on FBW group. haha but I like it. It's like push for me. :D

  4. Oooh can't wait to read your tips and tricks for Wednesdays. Hahaha I don't have a lot of tips but I shall try to contribute to the discussion ;) So I will be going back tomorrow :)

  5. wala po bang how to find the woman of your dreams?

    followed your blog po

    here's mine


  6. wow! future relationship guru? hehehe yeah count me in!


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