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Friends for Life!

 Thursdays are for GREAT PEOPLE in my life!




Today, I am featuring my Better Living Friends!

This was written on November 20, 2006, 6 years and 2 months ago!

I wrote this because, back then, there were plans of friends leaving for the USA soon! Since I was missing them already, I wrote this for them.... not knowing that I would be the one leaving the country in less than a year after it was written!

Read on...

Shores never meet but share the same ocean. 
The moon and stars couldn’t be one but they are in one sky. 
Friends never have to meet often but they never stop being friends…

Got this text message from a dear friend named Claire. She, among with Clarissa, Gizel, Majoy and Mavi has always been like a sister to me..

Claire, Gizel, Clarissa
Majoy, Mavi
Yeah... friendship that has grown stronger.. from playing volleyball to dance intermission numbers at our own home association get togethers, from playing pool to summer swimming, from simple admirations a.k.a. crush to boyfriends.. from blooming late (that’s me) to uneventful Clarissa’s shower party as she was the first one to marry untouched! uneventful for we remained such, good girls, hahaha :) from having boyfriends to tying the knot! to kids! And still from eating to eating and eating! :) We will never run out of stories to share.:)

Time and again, we, I guess, no matter how many tides, waves, eclipses, and what-have-you, will always remain friends.. We may not see each other often, and we are not always complete! Sad fact, in due time, we may only be seeing each other via net, hu hu hu, but

as magical as one summer’s day
when destiny brought us together to play.. (poetic huh?!)
come a time when we’ll be old and gray (it still rhymes..)
I know we’d still be together come what may (ha! Hehehe)
I will forever cherish friends like you

.. we are trekking our own courses, setting our own plans, dreaming our own dreams and we are victors in our own right, and yet.. we know we simply are those 15-16 yr old teenagers playing ball in the volleyball court of life..

Sometimes we hit well, sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. 

But we continue to play, slippers and all, 

we continue to strive, 

we continue to be our best for each one, 

because we know we have to keep the ball up no matter what, and yet at times we don’t keep up, at times we are just plain lousy.. but still at the end of it all, 

we all know we’ll still be together eating chami to spaghetti, to Zym’s special to San Mig light, 

to Lucena to Manila to around the world.. Hehehehe

Kudos friends!
... Here they are now! 

MSN Graduates!!!

Gizel, now in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Dra. Joyce

CPA Mavi with family

Thank you for your friendship!

Thank you for being part of my life!

Claire, Clarissa, Gizel, Majoy and Mavi


-day 43-


  1. Friends indeed, I must admit I don't have a best friend I was told not to have a best friend by my mom she said just treat them as your siblings or treat them as your family . If you treat them as your family you know how to treat them well . Sometimes there are ups and downs of having friends but i do believe true friend are not only who will be there for you but will tell you the truth for you to be good . True friends wants the best out of you . Most of my friends for keeps we have the same vision and mission which is happiness and greatness . Where I am right now a part of my success is because I have great friends who help me to be where am I supposed to be . They tell me if I'm too much or too lacking of something and I appreciate them for telling me coz how can I improve my life to be more productive and positive in all wagas ways we he he .

  2. November 21, 2006 at 7:57 am | claire

    frend grabe it really touches my heart. well d filing s mutual. how 2 kip d frendship on the level is 1 of d most difficult challenges in lyf. coping with d challenge, however, becomes d occasion for both 2 grow up and become well-integrated person..and we did it!

    i thank God for the gift of frendship we had (u,gisel,clarissa, majoy n mavi) a well meaning frendship hu makes us feel dat lyf is indeed gud despite of burdens and imperfections, still we have frends 2 lean on..

    lastly, frendship should simply have 2 grow up together even we r miles away (hu knows hehehe) for their love, faith and trust to grow fonder..CHEERS!

  3. December 4, 2006 at 1:58 am | joyCE

    TAMA! Kaya turuan natin ang mga next generation how to eat CHAMI bare hands! HAHAHAHA! Thanks GEEMA!

  4. friends are like treasures worth keeping :)

  5. Indeed, there's nothing like having real friends, those who love us no matter the distance. You are blessed to have your friends. Good luck to your friendship and God bless.

  6. "Friends forever, Gems! ♥" - len


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