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Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. - Suzanne Somers

(I’m not a guru, I'm not an expert but here is my answer to the following question...)

"Why is it difficult to forgive?" 


 Depending on where you are coming from..

because you have not yet found it in yourself to love.. again
because you still need time to heal
because you feel the need to resist, resent and revenge
because you still feel the pain
because you feel it isn’t time
because you are being enveloped with fear
because you are scared

And until you forgive, you will forever be under the power of that person who hurt you.

Until you forgive, your path won’t be clear.
Until you forgive, you won’t find joy in your heart.
Until you forgive, it is hard to bless and be blessed.

Hard as it is, let us turn to Jesus. Let us learn from his mercy and love.

...and as we do that let us give ourselves the favor of forgiving ourselves first so we can be free.



-day 44-

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