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I Promised.

Last December 12 at 11:02 pm I made an agreement with myself that I will write everyday for 365 days. I told myself I will write insights on living, loving and learning DAILY. One day at a time, one story at a time, for 365 days.

I now realize, since it’s 12:43 midnight here already, on my 9th day, how hard it is to keep an "agreement". I promise myself I will do it  and this time, I will make my life work, by keeping it.

Difficult, but I know, something good will come out of this, so I write. What will help I know is to manage my time properly and that will be my next goal.

Why do I need to keep this promise when I can always make an excuse? Because, I remember this from OCCI seminars;

Read on.

Your life works exactly to the degree that you keep your agreements. An agreement has integrity because you make it, and for no other reason.

The most profound agreements you make in life are those you make to yourself. The purpose of an agreement is to have life work, that is, to derive satisfaction from it and nurture life itself.

The mind wants what it wants when it wants it and if an agreement gets in the way, the mind will go for breaking the agreement in order to get what it wants. The mind will go for immediate gratification at the expense of long term satisfaction. Only with intention can you deal with your mind. The only way to long term satisfaction in life is keeping of agreements.

KEEP THEM and be responsible for them and your life works. Don’t keep them and your life doesn’t work. It’s that simple. This is not a game you play half way. It’s all or none


And so it is.

-Day 9-

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