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It's NOT about the MONEY!!!

I've written in My 5,000 pesos story that my three main shallow reasons for leaving my job as a teacher were to be able to wear blazers, to work in an office and to earn more money. 

But you know what? It wasn’t really earning more money that I desired (because back then I was always given a full teaching load, and on top of that an extra load!), but the freedom to see what was in store for me if I left the school setting. 

My real thoughts were “I can do much more”.. “I need to find myself”..” I want my dreams achieved”.. “I want to see more of life”… “If I don’t leave right now, I wouldn’t be able to leave at all.… I had all the reasons to leave… and I did.

I did experience a lot too! – from sweaty 1st time cold calls to corporate high-ups to confidently conducting/facilitating meetings and making corporate presentations and system presentations; from eating at lowly stores to breakfast-lunch-dinner meetings at a 5 star hotel in Makati; from walking and knocking on doors to making client calls/sales calls with American, Singaporean, and Japanese partners; from wearing school uniform to flaunting corporate attires; from tricycles and jeepney rides to traveling back and forth to Cebu on my own with hand carried laptop and too-bulky-projector!; from one computer sale to targeting Php 10-12 million sales quota… from job searching on my own to being hunted out by head hunters and negotiating the salary I deserve! 

Best of all, I found my husband and I gave life to two beautiful kids.

Bottom line, it's never about the MONEY.

My earnings then were just a bonus. It’s just a GREAT BONUS because my mind, heart and soul were into what I was doing! I set aside my status, I did not care if I needed to walk and knock on doors even under the heat of the SUN just to market my computer! I did not care if I needed to visit all the houses in a subdivision at night just to be given an opportunity to show case my product! I set aside who I thought I was back then, and got what I wanted!

It wasn't about the MONEY because after getting what I really wanted… I’m back to TEACHING!

My point for now is, if there is really something that you really, really, really want to do. DON’T DELAY! Yes, time is of the essence. Yes, be sure to pray, meditate and continue to pray about it. Yes, we don’t just pray, we do something about it and Yes, we do it NOW!

What I've learned is it is not really about the money but finding your heart’s desire. To set aside your ego, to focus and to let God’s grace be your guide.


-Day 8-

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