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I am RICH! :)

I mentioned in my post IMBALANCE how my family and I would travel and gallivant especially this time of the year. 

There were “ants in my pants”! I really didn’t care if I had the money, my thinking was, “I always have more than enough money for what I want and need”, and so off we went! 

This was not only during the “happy holidays” season, mind you. But every time we have school breaks: Thanksgiving break, Spring break, Summer break! I have the “I-am-RICH mentality!”, “God-will-provide mentality”, and “I-deserve-this mentality!”.

It took me 4 years!!! (Well, at least I graduated Summa Cum Laude, this time, lol!) to learn my lesson!

There is nothing wrong with my mentality, right? 

If my thoughts are powerful, then I can make things happen, right? We have all the comforts, we have the money – thanks to my credit cards, and never mind about payments – “God-will-provide!”, right?

Ekkkkk.. Error!

I’m financially stupid! (oops, that’s an understatement, lol!) Handling Finances 101 - I wonder where I was when this was taught in school?!!! BUT was it ever taught in schools??? Did teachers (I am a teacher!!!) ever knew how money worked?!!!

Mmmmm… and so this year, we are under house arrest! hahaha

The funny thing is that the “ants in my pants!” are still here!!! And I am loving being in our fortress!:)


(double-click the link to know more about it!)

NOW, there is HOPE!!!  

Join me!!! Let’s all be RICH!!!   

and may all our dreams come true - NOW!!! 


-day 10-

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