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Good Friends

Good Friends are God’s way of proving… 

Life is a rainbow!

We may have different points of views, different rules in how we play the game of life, different approaches in how we handle situations – and because of these- there will always be new things to emulate and learn from!

Life is never boring!

It is a joy to be with “d’ chenezes”. 

Life in LCNHS will never be the same without them. Yes, we are public high school teachers and we love what we do! 

We strive to excel, we try to bring out the best in our students and we enjoy moments with each other, as we enjoy God’s life!

Respect for each one’s uniqueness, I would say is the apt reason why after all these time.. we are friends..

Indeed, Good Friends are God’s way of proving  

He loves us so much!
Merry Christmas everyone! :) 

blog from Friendster
written for LCNHS Chenezesss
June 27, 2007


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